Wanting and Willpower

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Some weeks that’s enough, Journeyers. Another crazy busy, stressful week. But I did pause to note a few moments that felt good. If you’ve ever battled a food addiction, you’ll understand this all too well. One night last week we ran in to Sam’s Club to grab a few groceries after Big Guy’s practice. Warren was working late, so my … Read More

On Marital Discord, Part III: Tips for Staying Together in Spite of Strife

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As far back as March, journalists began talking about a Maria/Arnold reunion. And a few days ago, HuffPost Celebrity reported that Maria was recently seen wearing what looks like a wedding band. Is she taking Arnold Schwarzenegger back?The headline teases. These thoughts simultaneously ran through my mind. Who cares? Just leave them alone. And yet, I find myself watching. Secretly … Read More