Sweet Smell of Success

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I’m not a froufrouor high-maintenance kind of gal.
I like my clothes comfortable and care free.
I don’t even own an iron, nor do I want one.
Eyes. Lips. That’s my makeup regimen.
But there’s one item I don’t leave home without.
I love the feminine feel of the freshly squirted scent.

And I delight in the daily deliberation: What do I feel like wearing today?
I think I spend as much time choosing my cologne as I do my clothes.
Knowing. Allure. Red Door. Eternity. Giorgio.
There’s a funny story about Giorgo.
One of Warren’s fellow sportsmen most often refuses to enter our house during hunting season.
Hug me? That’s completely out of the question.
“You STINK!,” he says, “Those deer’d smell me a mile away!”
But several years ago he brought home a prize buck, after he’d been in the house when I was preparing for work.
He started coughing and sputtering and pitching a fit after I squirted myself.
I named that deer and gave this trinket to my friend the following Christmas.


The tag is prominently displayed around the mount’s neck.

I have teased him mercilessly ever since.

As much as I love my sweet smelling stuff, these luxuries don’t always fit in with the family funds.

So every year, for Christmas or my birthday, I put one of them on my wish list.

That way, when I run out, I don’t have to worry about our budget.

This week, I squirted the last bit from my bottle of Knowing, my all-time fave, my go-to-gal.

There’s always a bit of sadness when the bottles runs dry, until I remember that I have prepared for just that moment.

And I was so happy to open this little lady-in-waiting (for she does make me feel a bit like royalty), the one my mom gave me for my birthday a few months back.
And then, as I shuffled some papers to prepare this piece, I stumbled across the fortune at the top of this post.
“New financial resources will soon become available to you.”
Maybe the college I contacted about speaking has something in the works for me.
Maybe Sally Wofford-Girand is reading the query and book proposal I recently submitted.
There’s just something about her, this woman whose name has been stuck in my head for about five years now.
I’ve no idea the connection, but I have to say I’m looking forward to the day the bond reveals itself to me.
Maybe Warren’s newest project will sell and we’ll have a little money to put in reserve.
I’m not sure my Giorgio will hold out ‘til Christmas!
But for now, there’s pleasure in the bottles on my shelf, and a certain sense of delight in the dreams of what is yet to come.
What about you? What Moments added sweetness to your week? Share your experiences here and spritz a little enchantment onto someone else’s day.

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