The Joys of Giving

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Breakfast for a group of growing boys
I love preparing special little gifts, special occasions, everyday events, and surprises for the people in my life.
I recently put together fun packages for my college kids and their companions.
I felt so much joy baking the goodies, wrapping other little wintry whatnots, and writing a personal note to each of the kids on my list.
Big Guy had a gathering of friends for an overnight this weekend.
I couldn’t help but smile as I listened to them joking and plotting over the Apples to Apples game they pulled out, or thanking me for the delicious food I’d prepared.
A crockpot of meatballs for subs. My homemade chicken wing dip. Piping hot cookies. (Why, I was so busy I forgot to take photos.)

A bucket of cheese balls (complete with wet cloths for wiping hands.) The boys all laughed when I told them I didn’t want orange fingerprints on my white furniture.

The sound of footsteps bouncing down the stairs when the boys smelled the morning cinnamon buns I’d prepared made for a doubly happy feeling.

“Your mom always makes us such good food,” one of them exclaimed. And the others nodded in agreement, mouths full of warm sticky buns.

Even better? It was all simple stuff to prepare, but selections the boys consumed with great gusto!

What about you? What Happy Happens Moment(s) from this past week did not take note of? What instance (s) brought a smile to your face or a moment of joy to your heart? Do you find more pleasure in giving or receiving?


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