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Pass it On

I can’t say for sure how many years ago I first noticed the inspirational billboards that moved me emotionally.

We spent ten years traveling roads that connect cities throughout the north, south, and central United States.

Our family traveling together to support one of its member’s dreams.

I distinctly remember trying to catch the fine print as we whizzed by the messages on highways and byways.

Those words eluded me until this image reached out, rooted itself inside my soul and propelled me to do something more than appreciate this inspirational platform from afar.

Photo from The Foundation for a Better Life Website

You see, in 2007 I had this crazy stroke of luck (this one just being in the right place at the right time) and the absolute fortune and privilege of listening to Liz speak at a local organization that strives to help improve the lives of others.

She ended that speech something like this, “Be someone’s Perry.”

Perry being a symbol, an embodiment of one who encourages, inspires, and helps instill in others a belief in themselves.

Not too long after I saw the looming message of hope with Liz’s face embracing it, I made a deliberate stop to read that tiny print.

The Foundation for a Better Life.

I so loved the powerfully simple way in which these themes touched the Perry inside of me, someone who strives to live out this premise in the course of everyday, ordinary life: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you

I so loved this organization’s drive and passion and purpose that I sought out their website to make a donation.

To help fuel the cause.

And I was both dumbfounded and pleasantly surprised to discover that this movement subsisted on one single endowment from the founder.

Additionally, the company neither solicited nor accepted donations.

Of any kind.

Being in business, I am fully aware of the price tag of advertising.
I knew that the paltry twenty dollars I could contribute would put but a microscopic dent in the staggering cost of one bulletin board, let alone the thousands that were strategically placed throughout the country.

And yet, I also know firsthand the merits of the exponential…

Though I couldn’t contribute financially, I could take part in this movement by continuing to live my life by reaching out with caring and compassion.

One person at a time.

Shortly after Gavin died, I knew that I would someday scale Grief, and I longed to bring with me a world who mourns in silence.

The Five Facets became one of my vessels.

* * *

In the recent aftermath of Sandy, I contacted a friend who lives in the heart of New York, and asked her, “What can this one person do?”

Immediately after that correspondence, another of Foundation for a Better Life’s signs embedded itself into my memory.

You see, I had been driving past this billboard as many as four times a day—every day—and it drew a smile each and every time I rounded the bend to see it looming ahead.

And each and every time it came into view, I thought that I needed to stop and take a photo, because it would make a fantastic Happy Happens piece.

After several weeks, I finally took the time to pull my vehicle over at the end of my afternoon shift.

This is what one person can do.

Fourteen hours and fifty minutes later, it was gone.

This daily dose of inspiration replaced by a bold, red, 4G advertisement from Verizon…

And I continue to marvel at the layers of symbolism in that happenstance, that weirdly wonderful circumstance that parallels this thing we call Life

What about you? What random event(s) has brought a moment (or two) of happiness to your day?

Inspiration.  Share it… Pass it on…


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