Well Color Me Happy!

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I was hurrying through the Dollar Store, in search of a tiara to give a friend who had been fighting turning fifty.

Nothing like a little royal treatment to make someone feel special.

This coloring book practically jumped off the shelf at me.

I paused and then smiled as the memories of me—prone on the floor, carefully outlining and coloring Bozo the clown—came to mind.

I purchased the Doodle Book and a box of crayons.

For my friend.

Only days before I had shared with her this segment of my blog, and encouraged her to read Cooking Up a Little Happiness.

I inscribed this message on the inside cover:

Silly as this may seem, I saw the cover of this coloring book and it made me smile for a time when I colored with great adoration and wonder… Happy happened.

So, just a little reminder to color your world happy…

When was the last time you colored your world happy?


p.s. After I titled this piece, I recognized the Pretty Woman quote. That there’s a bonus smile.

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