I Am The Cure

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I am the cure. For what ails me. And I’m so glad that this past week of Mad and Sad is over. Some weeks are that way, where The Shit seems to flourish. That seemingly eternal anguish makes me all the more appreciative for those times like Mother’s Day week, when I noticed plenty of Happy. Honestly, until Friday, I … Read More

Well Color Me Happy!

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I was hurrying through the Dollar Store, in search of a tiara to give a friend who had been fighting turning fifty. Nothing like a little royal treatment to make someone feel special. This coloring book practically jumped off the shelf at me. I paused and then smiled as the memories of me—prone on the floor, carefully outlining and coloring … Read More

On Marital Discord, Part II

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Blink. Sixty seven days have elapsed without me following up to the first post on marital discord, sixty-three days since my last writing on this site.  Yet it feels like only a week or so ago that I was snapping photos of the uncharacteristically sunny, northeast skies. Where have I been? Procrastinating, I guess. Oh, I’ve been plenty busy with … Read More

On Living in the Present

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Two days ago I had an epiphany: I’ve been living in the past. And I had no clue because I had cloaked the behavior in a thick veil of distorted language. I was thinking about how relationships with my friends have changed in recent years. How we are all at different emotional, physical, and social stages in our lives. How … Read More