A Little Tax Relief Proposal

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  It’s that time of year. Tax time. Almost. But when you are six months behind on accounting entries, the date breathes down your neck harder than Old Man Winter. The only activity that puts me in a fouler mood is cleaning a house I’ve let go. Oh, yeah. And monthly hormonal surges. But I can’t control the latter. Every … Read More

Dear Maria

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I empathize with the trials you and your family face. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, thousands of people have already or will enter a similar circumstance. Some will come as a surprise and live closer than you might imagine, while others will connect from afar. No matter the distance, we are neighbors in grief, and allies in healing. The details vary, yet … Read More

The Healing Power of Solidarity

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“What are you reading?” The question elicited a smile from me. “A smut magazine,” I replied to my friend. “I usually don’t buy this stuff.” “I know that.” That’s why I’m surprised,” my vacation buddy said. “I know, but it had Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Edwards on the cover. I had to purchase it.” I had been compelled, as I … Read More