Ask Annah: Your Doctor Called You Lucky After Your Son Died?

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“Your doctor called you lucky after your son died?” You asked? He sure did, Neighbor…and here’s what I later gleened from that experience… …………… “You’re lucky we were able to do a bikini cut,” my obstetrician said to me during my six-week checkup. Lucky? I sat across from this man who had come to know my body—well, certain parts like …

IET® for Pets: 2-Day Basic & Pets for Pet Professionals

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Benefits of IET® include increased comfort, peace, and overall emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness for animals of all ages, including those who have been affected by neglect, trauma, and those who are nearing the end of their life transition. IET® has been specifically adapted to work with domesticated animals like cats, dogs, and horses, but can used in the treatment of other animals, as well.

Training Tips for Pets…and People

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We are on the road, again. Late night laundry and packing and phone calls and lists had us all up late. Having seen the other side of midnight every night for nearly a week, I finally apologized to my family for ditching them and collapsed into my bed at two. The nagging, sleep-deprived nausea I felt when my feet hit …

The (Negative) Affects of our Actions

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We’ve all heard the expression, “Shit flows downhill.” The boss’ freshly dry-cleaned shirt is stained, his car won’t start, and the taxi driver is not only late, he’s rude. The boss barks at his secretary, who yells at her associate, who snaps at the intern, who goes home and hollers at her son, who, in turn, kicks the dog because …