Let the Sun Shine In

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I spent yesterday, sitting by the ocean’s edge, reading, thinking, and making notes. I thought about the questions Gary Chapman asks at the end of The 5 Love Languages chapters. “There would be fewer divorces if only people _______________” would work harder to compromise, to understand one another, and be willing to make the first move. “Has there ever been … Read More

The Sandy and Soft Sides of Depression

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What do you see?   This morning I am in Ocean City, NJ where, right now, there is a warm breeze blowing across the screened porch where I sit. I’m feeling much better, having washed away the sweat and grime and exhaustion of a night filled with an oppressively hot and still air. We’re going to the beach early to … Read More

Road Trip Amusement

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    On one of my recent trips I crested this hillside and was transported back to one of our family vacations. We were heading home from a trip to North Carolina, years before GPS became a household name. After realizing we’d somehow taken a wrong turn, Warren consulted the giant Rand McNally we kept in our car. There he … Read More