Journeys of Hope, Healing, and Health Bereavement Cruise 2020

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Are you grieving the death of a loved one? Are you looking for others who can relate to your sorrow and challenges? Would you like to be pampered with delicious meals that you don’t have to prepare, room service, fresh air, sunshine, a pool and hot tubs, and a wide variety of entertainment and healing events? Join us on this amazing adventure at sea! Click below to learn more!

A Mother’s Day Tragedy and a Birth-Death Day Celebration

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Dear Neighbor, Twenty-eight years ago, a miracle happened when a child was born. When you think about everything that must occur prior to any birth, the precise nature of so many scientific details, every delivery is miraculous. When I began writing this post, I realized that twenty-eight years ago, at the exact same hour, I was timing and logging contractions …

Ask Annah: I’m Afraid My Deceased Loved One Will Be Forgotten. How Do I Prevent That?

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Dearest Neighbor, This is one of the greatest fears The Living have following the death of a loved one, especially an unexpected or “untimely” death. Widows and Widowers. Loss Mamas, Papas, and Siblings. “Orphaned” children. [Insert your whatever.] We lament what will never be. “Lost time.” Things that “should be” but never will be. We have this sense of how …

Ask Annah: Does Grief Last Forever?

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Dearest Neighbor, First, I’m sorry for your loss and your heartache. Please know that, though it might sometimes feel like you are all alone, you have a world of support to help you in your grief and beyond. Will your grief last forever? It doesn’t have to, Journeyer, but it all depends on you. In the 5 Steps of Healing, …

Ask Annah: What Can I Do With All This Survivor’s Guilt?

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Dearest Neighbor, First, let me to tell you how sorry I am for your losses, for not only are you facing the death of someone you care about, you may also be experiencing other losses like the loss of emotional security, loss of dreams and hopes, and loss of companionship, to name a few. Survivor’s guilt stems from so many …

A Gift of Fatherly Love: Guest Post by “MrHeartlight,” Mitch Carmody

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Dearest Journeyer, You know that person whose smile is so bright it lights up a room? The kind of person with a warm hug or firm handshake and a laugh that comes from deep within? The person who knows how to pick you up when you need a helping hand to lift you from the floor of devastation or one …

The Circle of Life

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! I know you will understand and appreciate the brevity of this post. I spent this past week preparing projects for this work, to train and certify five of our neighbors in the Integrated Energy Therapy® modality, and working my Outside Job. Today sums up so much of what Life is all about. In a matter of hours, …

What Kind of Mother Has No Child 2016

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Dear Journeyer, On  May 8, 2015, I wrote this letter to you. I’m re-sharing it now, with a few time-related updates, because I feel it bears repeating again and again, year after year, until it has reached every single woman who has ever experienced the physical death of a child or the death of her Motherhood dream. Please share it with …

What Kind of Mother Has No Child?

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Two of my cards are in the mail, the third is filled out and waiting for Warren to read. Radio stations are running contests while television commercials are packed with everything from flowers to chocolate to fine jewelry. Everyone wants us to remember our mothers, to pay tribute to women everywhere, females who know what that classroom is all about… …