Ask Annah: Where is MY Miracle?

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Dearest Neighbor,

I can relate to your feeling of helplessness, sadness, confusion, and desire for some promise, for anything, anything that will give you hope.

Miracle? How can you think of the possibility when your life is a disaster and riddled with the worst pain you have ever imagined?

I know how that feeling and those thoughts affected me. I remember how the mere mention of a miracle or hearing others speak of their own magical experiences wracked every ounce of my bulging body as I sat slumped on the floor, seven months pregnant and in the wake of learning that my husband and my best friend had been having an affair.

Where is MY miracle, I begged of the universe, as millions others like you have pleaded.

Where is MY miracle, we ask, when we are feeling as if some God or energy is conspiring against us.

I recognize how an “expect miracles” inspirational post can seem to hinder rather than help.

Grief and conflict can create a sort of veil that separates you from you and your own miracles.

If you are in early grief, you might be experiencing a sort of fog brain that makes the acts of thinking and processing information difficult or near impossible.

When you are in conflict and grief, your academic facet is faced with divided attention as you are constantly being challenged to multi-task, often times dealing with situations of which you are unfamiliar.

Maybe you are having to navigate legal or medical environments or take command of someone else’s finances.

When you are dealing with new subject matter, your brain might become hyper-focused and the only thing you can think about is the task at hand or you may go into a state of denial, putting off as much thought as possible and succumbing into a state of numbness.

Your emotional, social, physical, and spiritual facets might also run the gamut from over-zealous to shut-down mode.

All of these distractions prevent you from noticing the subtle but beautiful life events that cross your path; if you do notice them, you may be less likely to hold on to the joy in that fleeting moment.

Misconception about what a miracle is can contribute to your lack of connection to life’s many surprises.

Miracle can be a phenomenal or mysterious event, like the unexpected return of a beloved pet gone for months.

I once rescued a pregnant Collie whose owners finally found her when someone mentioned they’d seen an ad in the local paper some six months prior. Even more miraculous is that I ended up naming her Lady, which was her real name. And I once had a dog who had been stolen, only to later run away from her abductors and then be adopted by a local veterinarian, who happened to move in to our neighborhood. That dog had been missing for more than half a year.

Miracle can be a surprising or welcome event like recovery from cancer, regaining mobility after losing a limb, or something as simple as making it home without incident during a storm.

Miracle can be an unexplained or supernatural phenomenon like that of a single home that remains standing following a hurricane.

Miracles can also be as simple as a ray of sunshine peaking through the thick, dark clouds of your day.

Your miracle could be a stranger’s smile following your prayer to show you there is goodness on earth.

Miracle could be something you read or hear that suddenly gives you new perspective, one that releases the surmounting anger that has kept you feeling like you might erupt.

Miracle is the emergence of buds that have been dormant beneath icy soil.

Where’s your miracle, Neighbor?

It is right around the next corner or right at the edge of your outstretched arm.

Your miracle lies within life, death, and your pursuit of everything in between.

Your miracle awaits in each question you ask and in the answers that follow.

Your miracles lie within each step of your next personal or soul growth phase.

Your miracle exists right here, right now, in your quest for healing and in a hope that will eventually lead you to living your best life–the life you totally deserve.

Share your miracle story with us!

I am not only honored to receive your queries, I LOVE answering them! As the saying goes, The only stupid question is the one not asked. Let us know your burning, nagging or curious thoughts! You can leave your question in the comments or email it to us. All questions are considered anonymous.

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

2 Comments on “Ask Annah: Where is MY Miracle?”

  1. I have a little word that has gotten me through some tough times since the loss of my ‘forever 20’ year old son Jacob. The one little word with a mighty punch is ‘smile’ – see miracles in life everyday ♡

    1. Yes! Thank you for sharing this with us, Debbie! I love how something as simple as a smile helps you navigate life’s difficult times. Something tells me your Jacob had a big smile. The healing powers of that little act of kindness is magical and miraculous!

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