Life’s Formations

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

If you can believe it, I don’t have a current picture one that I can use to capture this week’s moments that are a part of my happiness.

Not. A. One.

What comes to mind right now is a photo Glennon Doyle Melton did when one of the school years began. The image captured her jumping high, fists pumping in the air, and a jubilant expression on her face.

YES! The image seemed to shout: MY KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL AND I’M FREE TO BE ME!!!

My situation is the opposite. YES! MY STUDENTS ARE ON BREAK AND I’M FREE TO BE ME!!!


Each day closer to Thursday’s year-end brought my body another sigh of relief for the close of a tough year and excitement over The Five Facets projects I want to tackle.

Work and respite are one of life’s formations that appear in so many ways.

Speaking of work and respite, I was one of three who signed up to help evaluate our company’s handbook. Though I’m surprised that more of the disgruntled didn’t join in, I am glad that there were only a few of us because it makes the process so much easier! Not as many cooks in the kitchen…

We met a few times this past week and will finalize our submission next week. I’m happy to be part of a solution and equally happy for the collaboration that took place in those meetings.

I had high hopes for knocking out many items on my lengthy To-Do list, but I spent most of my first day off in a total stupor, fighting off fatigue. All. Day. Long.

I took a short nap on our deck, soaking in some glorious sunshine, but when my body heated up too much, I returned to my office, still dragging.

I finally succumbed to a nap on the couch at six o’clock and didn’t wake until ten thirty! I checked a few emails and then went to bed and slept for ten hours!

Warren likened it to a big, emotional let-down following an ongoing surge of high energy. That certainly sums up the last six months of my employment.

Journeyer, I hope you listen to your bodies, too. At some point it will just say, I need a break. Please take the time to give yourself what it needs: A walk in the park, a nap, a long run, water, a date with those someone specials whose company always seems to lift your spirits.

You not only need it, you deserve it.

Following that much needed day of rest on Friday, I spent a leisurely Saturday morning with Warren, who also took a few days off from work to catch up on some paperwork.

We had breakfast and then did something we’ve never done: We hopped into the hot tub and spent about an hour just talking, listening to the birds, and sharing stories about what we saw in the puffy white clouds that filled the sky above.

Lions, dragons, the Crude’s dad looking through binoculars, and a pair of poodles were just a few of the passing images that drifted overhead.

Life's Formations are Like Clouds Image w Quote

We have always used the evening, after-dark hours to enjoy our spa, but what a fun and relaxing change this was.

I spent the remainder of  the morning and afternoon completing more writing tasks, one of which involved participation in a September workshop.

Then we did something else new; we loaded up the kayaks we purchased last week and headed out for a journey down a local river.

Okay, so we first went UP the river and all I can say is that I am so glad the current was non-existent because my arms were getting tired. We traveled about one-and-a-half miles before heading back downstream.

Since I don’t have pictures to share, I’m hoping my words will paint an image for you.

Once we passed the residential area around the loading dock, the river narrowed up. Fresh green leaves swayed on either side of us.

Sunlight peeked over the hills and through the branches, casting diamonds across the water’s surface, where water bugs left trails behind their own racing formations.

Two seemingly abandoned houses appeared on the left, sparking my curiosity. I felt nostalgic as I imagined owning a retreat by the river and peace washed over me as I imagined crafting my words from the wooden overlook.

Several geese families, with this year’s young in tow, crossed the river in traditional bird formation. An eagle came out of nowhere and landed in the thick treetops.

A rocky island appeared, the strong smell wafting toward me an indication that the landing was a common resting place for waterfowl.

Off in the distance, I spotted a large rock column. Warren said he figured it was the base of an old bridge, possibly one of the town’s earliest passages he’d heard talk of.

On my right, I heard two young voices before I spotted the young bicyclists. “What’s your name?,” one young boy asked. “Miss Annah” I replied, “what’s yours?”

“James Henry,” he hollered back. And then I heard the other lad say, “You didn’t give her the right name.”

I chuckled.

Shortly after, I spot an empty wooden bench and I only have to  envision for a short while about those who hang out there, for on our return back down the river, a man and a woman snuggled together with a newborn tucked in into the pouch on the man’s chest.

The clouds slowly gave way to a gentle sunset and the nearby bridge’s street lights clicked on just as we loaded our vessels back onto the truck.


[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Life’s formations are like clouds, Journeyer. Our lives appear as silly and sad, calm and tumultuous, hot and cold, bitter and sweet…cloudy and clear. Just as the collective nature of these things create who we are, so, too, does the combination of every peaceful, happy, calm, ecstatic, proud, grateful, harmonious moment create our happiness.[/Tweet]


What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) brought peace to your soul, a smile to your face, or warmth to your heart? Happiness is contagious. Share?

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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