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Journeyer, I had the most amazing experience this past week…
Most of us are no stranger to stress, and I am definitely no exception.
With life already a bit crazy busy and a mounting saga at work, I knew I had to do something…
So I phoned a friend.
That statement alone makes me smile and tickles my happy organ!
I recently found out that a young woman I’ve known for years, peripherally through Fave, does hypnosis work.
I reached out.
She was as surprised to hear of the work I do with The Five Facets Philosophy on healing—learning to live our best life, even in the face of adversity—as I was to learn of her work both in the mental health and metaphysical realms.
Even better?
She and her partner have already put together one speaker event and she wants to include me in future events they are arranging!
Journeyer…that is what I like to call “the space between luck and misfortune!” Find that video here.
We’d communicated a few things prior to the session, which allowed her to tailor a script to my style and my needs.
On the wall was the most captivating painting that almost appeared to be in 3-D.
There was a glorious and elaborate rod-iron gate in the middle of nature, its doors slightly parted, an invitation to each passerby to enter the portal and embark upon a magical journey…
Of course I chose to focus on the artwork when she asked me to focus on a spot in the room.
And then…
She asked me to go some place where I felt calm and relaxed.
I chose the end of a pier, radiant sun overhead shimmered off the water, while vibrant vegetation swayed in the distance.
As I stood at the end of the dock, she said, “Imagine a white, puffy cloud coming toward you. It stops overhead. Place your stresses, one by one, on top of that cloud…”
I gently placed my supervisor on the cloud, and then a trying student I haven’t yet been able to reach, and then another…
A tenderness replaced tension, and a happy, joyous, send-off wave filled my imagination as Christy directed that cloud to float away with much of my angst aboard.
The cloud drifted off and I wave good-by like I did all those years ago when my grandparents pulled out of our drive after a visit from their home several hundred miles away.
And the even greater part yet?
I can return to that scene and send off my troubles any time I feel like it.
It’s what she called an anchor.
The other hypnotic suggestion was for me to form the okay symbol with my left hand and to hear the words, “It’s going to be okay.”
For my nearby friends, now you know why I’ve been spontaneously bringing my thumb and forefinger together. 😉
Guess what, Journeyer, you can do this at home!
Many, many years ago my racing mind prevented me from falling asleep for hours.
When sleep deprivation began hindering everything I did, I knew I had to do something.
Here’s what I did, and you can do, too!
Think of a place that brings you great relaxation.
I went to the beach.

Set a cue word, such as beach.
When you find your mind wondering or fretting, speak that word in your mind and then picture yourself there.
I likely repeated this several thousand times over the course of several months.
Each time we do this, we are able to imagine our surroundings a little clearer, we can see the sand and the water rolling in and ebbing back out…
Eventually you can bury your feet in the sand…feel its warmth on your feet, the sun on your face…
You can hear the sounds of the sea and feel the brush of that ever-present breeze…
And like those waters, you drift off into another time and place…to a peaceful slumber…
I once told this to a friend going through a divorce, and immediately she said she was going to her deck, one of her most cherished places.
Where will you go, Journeyer?
To some romantic spot abroad?
Nestle between the looming stalks in a cornfield?
Rest against a century old tree in the woods?
Float in a pool?
Lounge on your sofa?
Sit in a cemetery? (You might be surprised how comforting and quiet a cemetery is!)
In other words, where does your hypnotic happy take you?
Speaking of happiness, my other bright spots included a dinner out with Big Guy and Warren to support this year’s Project Graduation fundraiser.
My boy enjoyed a big, fat, juicy steak.

Warren had boneless wings.

I had a delicious Philly chicken quesadilla.

I attended another TEDx event where I not only caught up with creative friends and acquaintances, I listened to some amazing speakers with equally moving thought and talent, including a drag queen that told his story for the very first time and an eight-year old dancer who literally moved me to tears.

Afterward, Warren and I met for a dinner date out at a restaurant and brewery, where we shared this pumpkin beer…

Warren had a barbecue sandwich that came with chips and salsa, another family memory that always makes us smile.

I’m not usually an adventurous eater, but I have always loved every single morsel off their menu, so each time we go I try something different.
This time I had Fish tacos…a beautifully flaky Mahi covered in corn, a Jalapeno slaw (for flavor only…thank you, Chef!) and a homemade cream sauce…

We enjoyed a lazy stroll through this town that glistened from the trees adorned with lights.
And I couldn’t help but pause to feel a little childhood giddiness when I saw this toy store display window.

Afterward we met up with a few friends at a local volunteer fire department’s turkey raffle and then came home for a long soak in the hot tub.
This morning, as I prepared breakfast for our little party of three, I found my kitchen filling with all of my family who showed up in that proverbial spirit…

You see, the griddle is a gift from my mom.

The bacon press a present from my step mother which reminds me of her and Fave, who always lights up when I’m cooking bacon, and who loves the press I gifted to him a few years back.
As I whipped up pancake batter I couldn’t help but think of Beauty, whose culinary flapjack creations are to die for!
She once made me carrot cake pancakes with homemade cream cheese syrup-butter-spread…
Is your mouth watering?
Happy happens in mysterious and delicious ways, doesn’t it, Journeyer?
What about you? What Moment(s) wafted or danced into your week? We’d love for you to share a morsel or two!
And, speaking of sharing, I’m not one who likes to ask for help, especially from people I don’t really know…but I could use a little help from my friends right now, and that includes you, my magical cyber friends.
If you have any knowledge of employment law, or know anyone that does, can you please e-mail me at thefivefacets @ aol (dot) com and let me know if it is legal for an employer to deliberately block an employee from obtaining other, gainful employment in one’s profession, when there is no non-compete clause in effect? Or to tell workers the only way they can secure another job in their chosen field is to quit the job they already have?
As I close this post, this song is running through my mind… “We get by with a little help from our friends…”
What a beautiful way to round out the week, don’t you think, Journeyer?

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness.


2 Comments on “Hypnotic Happy”

  1. Oh Annah – what a week! I did self hypnosis in university – id forgotten about it until now. I’m glad you’re able to place those things on a cloud. The rest of your week sounds fantastic – and I hope that you’re able to figure out your employment situation. I’m not a lawyer, but it does sound a bit sketchy.

  2. Hi, Liv,

    That cloud is spectacular, isn’t it?! As is your weekly drop-ins. Honestly, I smile every time I see that you’ve left a message. You are definitely a piece of my weekly Happy Happenings!

    Thanks for being here and for leaving little messages! Hope your weekend was swell and you’re new week is off to a happy start. *hugs*


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