Happiness Taking Shape

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Well, Journeyer, what can I say, the moon is full tonight, I’m back to school, we spent the weekend traveling, and this post is late.
All I can do is chuckle.
As I type, we are on our way to one of Big Guy’s soccer games an hour from home.
So, I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can.
Last week shaped up to be pretty good.
Warren and I found ways to reduce the tension between us.
We went out on a dinner date one night, to a little local bistro I’ve been wanting to check out for quite some time.
The chicken wings appetizer left a little to be desired, but the ambience was delightful and this cranberry turkey Panini was as fresh and delicious as they come!

I made it through the first three days of school changes and adaptations.
The new person I’m training at work is doing beautifully and I am thankful that she is diligent and thorough and conscientious; that is always a help!
I made three batches of cookies for Beauty’s and Big Guy’s teams, which always makes my house smell good and boosts my joy.
And Warren and I went out of town to watch Beauty’s team play on Saturday and Sunday.
Rather than make the two extra ninety-minutes trips, Warren and I found a cheap hotel and stayed Saturday evening.
We froze our little buns off on Saturday, sitting beneath umbrellas and came home with sunburned faces after Sunday’s sunny weather.

The views on the drive home were spectacular…for now you’ll just have to take my word for it because my iphone charger broke and I can’t connect it to my computer to download Sunday’s photos…
On the way home we found this fabulous Irish Inn, thanks to Yelp!
And we have a new family story to tell in the run down restaurant with the detached sign flapping in the wind.
The most exciting part of the week came with my second shopping spree for the #BestTeachersGifts pay-it-forward giveaway.
Thanks to Staples and Walmart and their many great deals, this project is also shaping up nicely.

Look at this second shopping day haul!!

While shopping I ran into one of my favorite people in the world; Mrs. O was a gym teacher for years and upon retiring she volunteered in our children’s elementary school for many more years before retiring for good.

Additionally, she has been one of Fave’s most loyal supporters, someone who we have come to consider a friend and one we haven’t seen in person in quite some time.
Entries for the school supply giveaway have been coming in a little slowly, so if you know a teacher in grades K-12 who purchases classroom supplies out of their own pockets, please enter them into this giveaway!
If you, yourself, are a teacher, please nominate yourself!
We have until October 15th, at which time I’ll finalize the ten recipients and begin packaging the items to send out around November 1.
Ready. Set. Sponsor! Share! Shop!
Last but certainly not least, I managed to squeeze in a few games of Words with Friends (even Warren has joined in the fun) AND I managed to triumph over one more challenging Candy Crush level.

Well, Journeyer, that’s a wrap for today!
What about you, what Moment(s) shaped your happy last week? Please share one or more of them here!
Until we meet again, yours in healing, hope, and happiness…

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