Small Indulgences

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There is a woman who sells jewelry at one of our local craft fairs every year.

And each year I purchase a set or two for myself and as Christmas gifts for friends.

And every single time I wear one of the pieces, as I did several times this week, I receive compliment after compliment.

The name of her business?

Small indulgences.

That description sort of sums up this week’s happy…

The enjoyment of my most recent acquisition, the first pink ensemble I’ve bought from her…

Priced at only twenty-two dollars for the set, it’s like a double dose of satisfaction!
I happened to wear it at last Sunday’s gathering of new acquaintances. For that event, I made this Veggie Pizza, one of my favorite finger foods.
Doesn’t it look absolutely decadent?
That’s a cream cheese and dill sauce, topped with fresh cut vegetables!

The week began with the newest arrival in the Soon-to-be-50 series of cards my mom has been sending.

Next was a visit to a favorite, local Christmas shop, where I found this decorative set of measuring spoons…

Which, of course, I couldn’t come home without!
I found a few other gifts, including this hilarious stocking stuffer…
And at our office hand-made holiday bizarre, I found this adorable snowman made from a pewter salt shaker.
The week ended with a shopping and manicure trip with a girlfriend.
This outfit grabbed my attention and still won’t let go.
How do you think this would look on a TEDx stage?
And now, here I sit, wrapped up in an afghan, with a cup of piping hot mint tea on the table beside me.
Two of the greatest little treats to ward off the chill in the air…
What Moment(s), big or small, fed your happy these past seven days?


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