An Emotional Cleansing, A Guest Post

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Journeyers, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that it is October 1.

October 1.

Are you finding that difficult to believe, too?

Shops are brimming with Halloween paraphernalia and many Christmas displays are already twinkling.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the chaos of work and family and life.

Add in the seasonal festivities and many people become overwhelmed.

The holidays are often even more difficult for those who’ve lost a loved one, and I’d planned on writing about that today.

But, I have something else I want to share with you.

Back in July, I mentioned a blogger who’d written about an event that began in frustration and ended with a sense of peace.

She’s like so many of us Journeyers, someone who gets sucked into life’s vortex, a soul who places the needs of so many other things and other’s needs above her own.

She’s spent a great deal of time looking for more time, wishing the universe to suspend the minutes and afford her additional hours in a day.

But she’s also a scrapper, Friends, a gal who knows how to dig in to get what she wants, who’s not afraid to slam on the brakes, to take a deep breath, to reach out for the life that seems to be escaping her, to grab it by the tail and experience what I call an emotional cleansing.

I am so honored that this kindred spirit has joined me in recognizing that happiness is not a destination but a collection of those many moments that draw a smile.

Journeyers, allow me to introduce Melissa, “a twenty-something Canadian trying to keep up with the crazy, beautiful journey called life.”

And in the midst of it all, shetakes time to write about her dreams and the experiences that color her days.

May this simple story inspire you to notice and pay homage to your next Happy event.

Happy Happens, a Melissa Moment

I spend the majority of my summer on Ontario’s West Coast, a tourist destination. By Labor Day, everyone’s gone, the beach is empty, parking at the beach and around town is no longer an issue, yet the stores are still on their summer hours.

This year, Labor Day was windy, overcast and cold! I always take the Tuesday after Labor Day off…it is my feeble attempt to extend my summer vacation and to, hopefully, squeeze in one more day at the beach.

I woke up on Tuesday and it was in the lower 60’s, windy and overcast…a replica of the previous day. As morning turned to afternoon, the sun came out and the day warmed to a balmy 65. I was disappointed that my summer ‘bonus day’ was not very summery.

But since it was my last day of summer vacation, I headed to the beach anyway. Leaving all my stuff in the car, I took off my flip flops and headed to the shore, deciding to walk along the water’s edge. On my walk, I was getting splashed by the waves as I contemplated life.

I eventually turned around and headed back to where I started. On my way back, I ran into a couple, also out for a stroll. They stopped to talk to me, commenting on the fact that I had gotten wet by the waves. I mentioned to them that I had my bathing suit on under my sweatshirt and was thinking about going in the water. They both encouraged me to do so, questioning how could I come to the beach with a bathing suit and not go in the water.

As I continued on my walk, I went further into the lake, roughly mid-calf deep (up until that point, my walk had been in ankle deep water). I was gently being pushed by the waves and my skirt was getting more and more drenched. I was debating going in. The couple I had met had a point—how could I not go in?

I gave it some thought…I’d have to walk back to the car for my towel. It was pretty windy. I’d freeze when I got out of the lake. I…there were a lot of excuses. I kept coming up with reasons—none of them good—as to why I shouldn’t.

Then I remembered…Happy happens.

Forget it, I thought, who cares?

Live a little.

I made the trek back to my car to get my towel and made my way back to the lake. I went in the water, which was surprisingly warm, and stayed in for about half an hour.

I was brought back to my childhood…being at the cottage with my siblings and cousins, playing in the waves.

I went back to that time of childhood happiness.

I was getting knocked down. I was laughing. I was having fun.

Did I look ridiculous in the water, by myself, playing in the waves? Probably. Did I care? Not at all.

It was nice to lose myself in the moment, in the waves and to do something just because it was fun. It was fun as a child and it was fun as an adult.

The waves pushed away my thoughts, problems, worries and to do lists.

I was living.

I was free.

I was happy.

Thanks so much to Annah for letting me guest post and share one of my Happy Happens moments. You can find me on my blog, Dreams and Colour. I can also be found on Twitter and Pinterest.

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