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Journeyers, I’m still putting in some crazy hours trying to learn the names and faces of the one-hundred-fifty-some students I work with, and to get them organized into the best possible seating arrangements.

In the midst of that, I’m trying to set up speaking engagements to discuss my grassroots work on how we heal from loss.

Of course, there’s the usual household stuff like bills and dishes and laundry and lawns to mow.

On Wednesday the woman I hired to help me with housework notified me that her day job hours changed and she can no longer keep me as a client.

That really put a damper on my week, because I was really grateful to have someone sweep and dust and clean bathrooms.

As much as I love a clean restroom, oh how I dislike cleaning toilets and showers and sinks…

So now I’m trying to figure out where to find another reputable and affordable source…

But guess what?

In spite of these icky circumstances, I made sure to document a few things that made me smile or feel downright good.

On an errand night, Warren and I decided to make a spontaneous date of our time together and stopped in the local Applebees for dinner.

Let me tell you that their new Honey Pepper chicken dish is absolutely to die for, Friends.

I’m talking moaning kind of goodness in your mouth…

I’m not a big honey fan and I don’t like a lot of hot flavoring either, but this dish, crafted with just the right blend of sauce and spice is nothing short of divine.
Speaking of deliciousness, look at these apples we picked from the trees on our farm.

The week ended perfectly with a long anticipated trip to New York City.

Though I love the quiet of my country surroundings, I love the energy and the progressive nature of the people and the place of this highly populated city, and I try to make the trip once or twice a year.

It’s probably been about two years since I’ve been able to visit the city that never sleeps, so I’ve been chomping at the bit.

Beauty’s soccer team had Saturday and Sunday games a short distance from the hustle and bustle, so Warren and I had planned to drive down early Saturday morning and spend one night.

Lucky girl that I am, my dad offered us hotel points for one day, so we were able to extend the trip and go in Friday after work!

I loved the idea of being rested and not having to worry about being late to the event as much as I loved the idea of being in one of my most favorite places on earth.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Ridgefiled, NJ was simply fabulous, right down to the charming towel decorations that awaited each day’s arrival.

I definitely HEART New York…

The sights…

Where else would one find a pink Hummer limousine?

or this?…

The first time I saw The Naked Cowboy, I had brought two girlfriends into Manhattan for a long weekend in February.

The weather was downright cold and this guy was dressed exactly as he was on this past seventy-plus-degree weekend.
But there’s so much more to these streets…
The sounds…
The smells…

And to top it all off, the weather couldn’t have been better, sunny and mid 70s with a steady breeze.

Beauty’s team won both of their games, and look at the view we had of the NYC skyline on Sunday!

The past few games we’ve been able to attend afforded us just enough time to give that proverbial pinch to our daughter’s cheeks and tell her we love her.
We sure enjoyed hanging out with her and her teammates in one of the greatest cities on earth…
What about you? What Moment(s) brought a smile to your face or added a harmonious melody to your day(s) this past week? Share your rewarding moment in a comment below or by contributing as a guest poster!

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