A Hard On

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Our family has been involved in the sport of soccer for nearly seventeen years. Wow…that doesn’t seem possible… Being involved for as long as we have, it also doesn’t seem plausible that the expressions and fans’ shouts aren’t rote. Then, again, I don’t call this segment Annah-isms for nothing… “One coming hard!” and “A man on!” are two common expressions … Read More

I Heart NY

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  Journeyers, I’m still putting in some crazy hours trying to learn the names and faces of the one-hundred-fifty-some students I work with, and to get them organized into the best possible seating arrangements. In the midst of that, I’m trying to set up speaking engagements to discuss my grassroots work on how we heal from loss. Of course, there’s … Read More

Sex on the Beach

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Hubby and I celebrated our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary this past week. I had Sex on the Beach for the first time in my life. Warren wishes it were hot, steamy, new love kind of sex in the sand. I kind of liked the cool, refreshing and fruity flavor of this aptly named legal beverage.    The evening produced the … Read More