Sex on the Beach

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I had Sex on the Beach for the first time in my life.
Warren wishes it were hot, steamy, new love kind of sex in the sand.
I kind of liked the cool, refreshing and fruity flavor of this aptly named legal beverage.

The evening produced the same balmy breeze we find at the ocean.
But there, from the restaurant’s second story terrace, we didn’t have to worry about salt grime and grit in all the wrong places.
This lovely fountain gave us the enchanting sounds of water.

The scallops in my creamy scallop pasta couldn’t have been more succulent.

Warren’s Beer B Q was definitely a man’s version of culinary genius.

All that Happy happened on Monday.
By the time Friday came, I was near a joyful delirium for one very special reason.

As if that weren’t enough to make my heart skip a few good kind of beats, we are on another little weekend getaway.
It’s a grand soccer tournament weekend for Big Guy’s team, some four hours from home.
After yesterday’s rounds of games, the families gathered in the lobby for a feast.
The kids all gathered in our room with an Xbox that one of the boys had brought along.
We adults had a few drinks and made new friends as we all got to know one another.
I love people, and I especially love making new friends.
And then, today, finishing this piece.
I can’t tell you how much pleasure I derive from being here with all of you, my friends from far off places…
What about you? What Moments added a little happiness to your week?

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