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Hey, ya’ll, it’s actually happening.
It’s ACTUALLY happening!
Today, is THE day for the first interview on The Five Facets, The Five Secrets of Healing.
I am so blessed that Pia Louise from Tiny Whale Media not only found me, she invited me to be a guest on her BlogTalkRadio program, Profiles and Lifestyles.
Please stop on over to listen to the show.

Listen to internet radio with pialouise on BlogTalkRadio

It’s taped, so you can come back anytime.
And by all means, please feel free to share, share, share this link.
Grief is powerful stuff.
Healing is even more powerful stuff!
Before I close, I’d just like to ask that each of us pause for a moment to send hugs and healing energy out to all those people affected by the fires in Arizona.
To those whose loved ones perished in that fire, to those who lost homes and businesses, and to those who right now fear that they, too, might lose “everything.”
Let’s send hugs and healing energy to all those facing some sort of suffering today, for there are so many, many stories we don’t hear about, and those people need our love, too.
Journeyers, as hard as your suffering is in this moment, and though it might feel like we lose everything, we don’t really lose it all.
We lose life as we’ve grown accustomed to it, as we expected it to be.
That is tragic, yes, but it’s not all inclusive, for we still have ourselves, our neighbors, and our ability to love, to forgive, to celebrate, to cry, and to hope.
Even in our darkest hours there is hope.
We are neighbors in grief and allies in healing.
Hugs and healing, Journeyers,

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