Explosions of Light and Laughter

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There are too many moments that brightened my minutes this past week.
Once you begin noticing the fleeting joy in your life, those instances are a bit like Lay’s potato chips, it’s almost impossible to pick just one.
Here are a few of the highlights… 

This was taken in my work parking lot, at the end of a pretty grueling day.

A few days later, I pulled my car over on the highway to capture this most moving and inspirational moment.
Look at the beautiful luster and the lines of my spectacular new mixing bowls… I waited years to find just the right (size, color, style) set.
Aren’t they simply superb?
Only a brother can get away with this type of affection.
We drove three-and-a-half hours to watch Beauty’s college team play. We couldn’t help but laugh as this rogue cloud swept back and forth across the sky, directly overhead.
Before the game started, we waited out the rain. As I tried to write, Warren kept tickling and teasing me.
Sibling love lights up everything.

What instances of joy have lit up your day or made you laugh out loud this week?


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