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What can we do when we are buried alive with grief and suffering? Dig for the Light.

The author’s deepest, darkest living hell began: Seven years after her first child died unexpectedly; six years after the first miscarriage; three-and-a-half years after the second miscarriage; thirteen months after a psychiatric hospitalization for severe depression; six weeks before her third living child would be born; minutes after she discovered her husband and one of her best friends having an affair…

In a story of happenstance, tragedy, and betrayal, the author weaves trials, tribulations and triumphs with honesty, hope, humor, and courage. From the conviction of the author’s living-to-die mind-set to the vitality of her dying-to-live grit, readers will cry, laugh, encounter upset and victory as they’re transported through this story of adversity and a prevailing spirit that resides within us all.

The author is seeking agent and publishing representation for this completed manuscript. Any and all contact to this regard will be greatly appreciated. 

 Manuscript excerpts, as they relate to individual posts, will be periodically posted in this section.

Please feel free to leave a comment (we writers adore readership luv), write to me here, and pass this site along.

Most of all, thanks for joining me on this journey of life, loss, learning, and moxie…

Hugs and Healing…

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