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S – Sweets, Shoes, Shopping
Oh, that’s right; part of the stress is that hubby miscalculated, more than once, time and cost estimates for the job he’s on. I am experiencing major financial stress at the moment, which means I don’t have money to go shopping or buy stylish shoes. Good thing I don’t engage in retail therapy until things get really, really ugly. Hey, what do you know? There’s a bright side I hadn’t counted on.

(Hmmm, not feelin’ it. Yet…) Guess I’ll just have to stick to the sweets and pull out the sweats since none of my clothes fit due to all the caramel, carbs (donuts, ice cream, etc.), and chocolate I’ve consumed in the last three weeks.

Let me just say, though, I refuse to gain any more weight! So, if the cat keeps pissing on the floor, if one more appliance in my house breaks (first the hot water, then the dishwasher); if one more leak or fluke prevents hubby from finishing the house that needs to be listed so we can recoup the money we spent on it, I’m going to… to what? Scream? Kick? Cry? Well, now, I’ve already thrown a tantrum or two, and you know how my little strike went (my “little stunt” as my husbaned referred to it)…

Looks like I need a few suggestions from some of you super women out there!

T – Today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.
Today, like much of the past three weeks, sucks. Wonder if I can somehow return it? Regift it? Ah, that’s an idea. I can think of someone who’s caused me a misery or two… Oooh, no, that wouldn’t be very nice, now would it?

R – Reach for the stars.
To the moon, hubby, to the moon! On second thought, Calgon, take me to the moon. Wonder what kind of shoes I’ll need? My red boots always make me feel sexy. Hmmm…maybe I should put them on. Nah, can’t pull it off, today. They might clash with the bows at the bottom of my white capris.

E – “Everyday we can learn something new, if our mind is open to it.” One of my many mantras.
I don’t want to re-learn that life can suck. Must be the hormones. Seems I know it all.

S – Dad always told me I swore like a sailor. “You have the mouth of a sailor,” he’d say.
Hey, maybe William Shatner and CBS will add that to their pilot of BLEEP! My Dad Says, and pay me royalties for the use. Then my only stress would be the other entities banging on my door for more! Ha! I’d have to do some serious shopping for stylish shoes, so I’d look good in all those interviews. Stress begone!

Oh, yeah, I’d still be married and still chasing my three lovely, cherub children. And then, with my luck, the Parents Council would come a knocking… Now that would suck. Royally!

S – Did I mention my life sucks, today?
(I’m still hanging on to hope, though! I made someone smile a minute ago, and he, in turn, made me laugh…)

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  1. What is “the Parents Council”? Well, I hope venting helps you manage your stress and keeps you hopeful. There are better days ahead.

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