Trash, Twenty-Three Candles, Heavenly Hugs, and a Pizza

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Today, we celebrated my eldest’s twenty-third birthday. For some reason, this one is the most dreamlike. Big Guy, Warren, and I sat in the hot tub last night, figuring out how we were going to shape Gavin’s special day. I’ve been listening all week to advertisements for our city’s annual, Downtown cleanup event. I’ve accompanied my children and swept many … Read More

To Boston, Bostonians, and a Bereaved World

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You don’t know me, but I love you. My arms are reaching out to wrap you in a warm, tight embrace. There are no words. No words that will help, and yet I am compelled to tell you that, absurd as it sounds, someday it will be okay, if you keep choosing healing, keep fitting the pieces of your own … Read More

Shoring Up Life’s Threads

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    “I’m glad to hear you are alright. Karen’s husband died last night so at least there is some good news. It’s been bad all morning.” That was the note returned to me after I texted a coworker to let her know how my surgery went last Friday. The message stayed with me, even through the grogginess of anesthesia … Read More

On Overcoming Loss and Suffering

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  The holidays can be an especially difficult time for those who are coping with a past loss or are reeling with fresh grief.   My heart is heavy for all whose sadness is raw right now.And, yet, the knowledge that we all have the ability to achieve healing lifts me up.I hope this message brings some form of comfort to you, or … Read More

Every Day a New Story Begins, Part I, Sudden Death

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“Every day a new story does begin, doesn’t it?” The shop owner said as he rung up my purchase. “Sometimes it doesn’t even take a day,” I replied. “Every second a new story begins.” I learned this lesson twenty-two years ago. In the labor and delivery room. When I saw the fleeting look of panic in the nurse’s eyes. When … Read More