Can’t versus Don’t Want To

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Last fall I discovered this amazing little app. C25K. Couch to a 5k. I started the program with great gusto. But this underlying attitude ensured a quick demise. “I’m not a runner.” Can’t Never Could And then a friend asked me if I wanted to try and lose weight with her. “You’re the only one I can do it with,” … Read More

On Marital Discord, Part III: Tips for Staying Together in Spite of Strife

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As far back as March, journalists began talking about a Maria/Arnold reunion. And a few days ago, HuffPost Celebrity reported that Maria was recently seen wearing what looks like a wedding band. Is she taking Arnold Schwarzenegger back?The headline teases. These thoughts simultaneously ran through my mind. Who cares? Just leave them alone. And yet, I find myself watching. Secretly … Read More

My Daughter’s Boyfriend Has a Controlling Family

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My daughter is involved in a controlling relationship with her boyfriend’s family. And sometimes it really bothers me. Like now. Like when they secretly met with her during our family vacation. Yeah. Honestly, though, it’s not quite as surreptitious as that makes it sound, but it’s bad enough. In the winter we told our daughter she could bring a friend … Read More

Thankfully, Life Isn’t Static

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Across the road from where I sit, the street light flickers on and off, as it has been since our arrival three days ago. “Dumbledore’s there,” I joked, “watching over us.” I am at the beach. On vacation. With family and some close friends. On Thursday, my friend and I treated ourselves to manicures and pedicures before beginning the process … Read More

Talking About Sex, Teens, Bedrooms (and Raising Sexual Beings)

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My college kid’s girlfriend recently came to visit. “That’s fine,” I said, “We’d love to meet her.” “But there’s one stipulation: You can’t share a bedroom.” Now, I’m not naïve. I know many young adults have sex, and these two will soon be twenty-one. Hey, I was once young myself. But I have two teenagers still at home. And one … Read More

Daisy Days

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A pond in the middle of the woods. Lilly pads and flowers in full bloom. Crickets and croaking frogs. Wind rustling the leaves. Family and fishing poles. Exclamations of joy. Togetherness. Laughter.