The Five Facets is Featured at The Indie Chicks!

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I’ve recently discovered that moxie is an important part of our healing, for without courage and inventiveness, where would we be? The gals over at The Indie Chicks—a brand-spanking new, online magazine for women—have both those traits in their back pockets. Head on over and check them out; you’ll be glad you did. And while you’re there, be sure to … Read More

A Bittersweet Birthday

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Last month I received a Save the Date notice from a friend whose son was born exactly one week before Gavin. I couldn’t help but smile at how rugged and manly this young man has become. How handsome he was standing next to his glowing bride-to-be. And then, a fleeting sadness passed over me. Ha… Each thought of Gavin’s birthday—today—has … Read More

On Living in the Present

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Two days ago I had an epiphany: I’ve been living in the past. And I had no clue because I had cloaked the behavior in a thick veil of distorted language. I was thinking about how relationships with my friends have changed in recent years. How we are all at different emotional, physical, and social stages in our lives. How … Read More

Home is Where I Am

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I have been busy packing and planning for my first trip to Europe. I’ve made lists and more lists; lists for me and lists for my hubby. There are more lists for my children and the person who will be staying with them while we are away. This morning, as I was thinking about this trip and the numerous items … Read More

When Life Sucks…

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A person who is lamenting the detachment and isolation of his son just said to me, “It’s okay.” I’ll never forget when I spoke those same words to one of my customers, in the early months after my son died. “It’s okay,” I’d say to people, who would usually say some variation of, “Yes, it’s going to be okay,” or … Read More

A Pretty Side of Peril

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As I write, Hurricane Irene is fizzling out, southerners are accessing the damage, and northerners will soon be following in their footsteps. We are far enough North that only the storm’s outer bands have reached us. The wind outside my home is blowing branches and hurling raindrops. But in spite of the gray skies, the chime on my deck rings … Read More

Summer Warmth

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I climbed out of bed at eight this morning and headed straight for the kitchen. Four hours later, I had finally finished cleaning up after preparing several gallons of bottled lemonade, tea, and water; making two pounds of macaroni salad; two dozen deviled eggs; cutting up an enormous, juicy watermelon; assembling paper products, condiments, table coverings; and gathering an assortment … Read More

Celebrating a Gift

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The birthday card my mother sent me a few months ago was simple, a few watercolor flowers sitting atop a box; the creators had glued a tiny blue ribbon above the scrolling message. The words inside held a lifetime of sentiment that I will remember for years to come: You are a smile and a gift and an amazing story of growth and change and … Read More

The Giving Tree

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Finally! I have been yearning to write this post…and my time has arrived… Today’s temperatures are a bit more moderate here in the Northeast. Snow mounds abound on every corner and rise high in parking lots. We’ve had two school closures due to snow and one due to a raw chill that dipped to twenty below. Brrrr… The entire country … Read More

Food for…

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I have been carrying around Geneen Roth’s, Women Food And God, for months now, hopeful each day will provide a few stolen moments… Actually, my life lends itself, daily, to a number of mini barren blocks of time. How I deplete those minutes varies, but most recently I have exhausted them through word wars with my sister. Word wars in the literal sense, in the … Read More