Holiday Healing Tips: On Happiness and Setting Boundaries

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“The Holidays” are associated with any things, one of the most prevalent being gift giving. For those of us who enjoy giving meaningful gifts that will bring joy to the recipient, celebratory events can add extra demands on our time and energy. Toss in the effects of conflict and grief due to some life loss event and the holidays can … Read More

Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zones

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On a recent trip to Sam’s Club for a few groceries, Warren purchased a bouquet of flowers for me. Just to say I love you was the occasion. He’s done that periodically over the past six years, bring me small gifts for no apparent reason. As I stared at the turtle pin that headlined my recent Going for It post, … Read More

The Gift of Receiving

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I find great joy in giving. And following my recent surgery, I acknowledged how great it felt when friends delivered food to my back door. But there was more to that story. An uncomfortable more that made me stop and access my behavior. The third bearer of gifts sat down at the table and chatted with me as I scarffed down … Read More

The Five Love Languages

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  Home from college, Fave Son introduced me to Gary D. Chapman’s philosophy on love, The 5 Love Languages. We have many common traits, me and that boy of mine. Needless to say, we tend to butt heads and rub each other the wrong way. We had one such heated discussion the other night, but then—by some astounding feat—we settled … Read More