Ask Annah: Your Doctor Called You Lucky After Your Son Died?

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“Your doctor called you lucky after your son died?” You asked? He sure did, Neighbor…and here’s what I later gleened from that experience… …………… “You’re lucky we were able to do a bikini cut,” my obstetrician said to me during my six-week checkup. Lucky? I sat across from this man who had come to know my body—well, certain parts like … Read More

The Space Between Luck and Misfortune

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Well, fellow Journeyers, I’ve done it! After more hours than I wish to recognize, I have finally pieced together my first video. The idea came to me when I discovered Washington, DC’s TEDxWomen and their theme for this year’s conference. The Space Between… I immediately thought of my piece Finding Four-Leaf-Clover-Kind-of-Luck in Shit. And The Space Between Luck and Misfortunewas … Read More

Finding a Little Luck in Life

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A few weeks ago I was cleaning my dog’s poop from my backyard and discovered this four-leaf clover. And then another…  Mixed with life’s crap, there’s always some stroke of good fortune, if your eyes are open to its existence within your path…And, oh, what a lucky girl I am that the talented, energetic, and charismatic Chiara from over at The Indie … Read More