Holiday Healing Tips: Family Gatherings & Being Flexible

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Holidays are meant to be a time for remembering, reflecting, celebrating, giving thanks, and of coming together, Journeyer. Like many of you, I enjoy everything about hosting family and friends in my home. The smell of a meal wafting from the oven, the themed tableware, the drone of catching up chatter and the magic of laughter fill my home and … Read More

I Am Everyday People

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Dearest Journeyer, Last week was a mixed bag of emotional lows and highs…times of defeat, redemption, depression, dialogue, desire, and celebration… It’s so hard to put my finger on the pulse of the past seven days, but as I scrolled through the week’s images, one thing stood out: a short clip of Sly and the Family Stones hit song, Everyday … Read More

Happiness Comes When We See with Fresh Eyes (and all our senses)

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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer!! This morning I woke up ruminating on all kinds of problems. Some people can’t fall asleep at night because they can’t seem to shut their minds off. I used to have the problem and then, out of a sense of desperation, I began doing what I later learned was a form of self-hypnosis. More than ten years … Read More

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer, Warren, Big Guy, and I spent most of last Sunday in a parking lot at an inlet’s edge, trying to fix a broken boot on our boat. We’d made plans for a Memorial Day outing with Beauty and her beau, and the boat had been the day’s major attraction. Upon discovering that the repair had ruptured during the … Read More

Admitting to the Martyr in Me

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Warren and I will soon be traveling south to watch SS compete in a national event. I can’t wait to be in a little warmer climate after the harsh winter we’re having in the northeast. I’m also looking forward to spending a couple of days with my family who live only about five hours from the venue. As I was … Read More