Old Faithful

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Fall is here in all her glory, Journeyer. Faithful as the day is long. Warren has been gone eight days now, doing some work and a little R & R out west. Two training camps with a few days of hunting and fishing in between. And sightseeing. On Tuesday he made the nearly four-hour trek from where he was staying … Read More

Healing and the Two Sides of Faith

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Faith. Many of us think of faith has having to do with a belief in God or some form of organized religion. We talk about putting faith in some person, system, doctrine, or deity. We tend to think of blind faith as believing in some God without proof the It exists. But here’s where the contradiction comes in, for we … Read More

On Saying Goodbye

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  Journeyers, this week has been equally frustrating and exhilarating. Exhausting because of this little reality called work and duty and credit card payments and business. Exhilarating because, for the past three days, my mind has been a constant flutter of thoughts. My head has been teeming with ideas and inspiration that I can’t wait to share. My notions most always come to … Read More