To Be or Not to Be…A Blogger’s Dilemma

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Pssst… Journeyers, I’ve got this little problem, well, it’s kind of a big pain-in-the-ars kind of problem. And I’m wondering if you’d help me by sharing your ideas and WISDOM and a little bit of our MAGIC? You see, Lord only knows how long ago I linked this little blog of mine using Networked Blogs. That way, the Magic Post … Read More

Taking Stock of Bullying, It’s Much More Than a Facebook Issue

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At the beginning of the school year, the students at our local high school spent a week of assemblies, presentations, and discussions, all on bullying. The hallways are plastered with pledge signs and anti-bullying campaign pieces. Earlier this year, my daughter was involved in a situation where classmates were talking poorly about her on Facebook because she had unfriended them. … Read More