To Be or Not to Be…A Blogger’s Dilemma

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Pssst… Journeyers, I’ve got this little problem, well, it’s kind of a big pain-in-the-ars kind of problem.
And I’m wondering if you’d help me by sharing your ideas and WISDOM and a little bit of our MAGIC?
You see, Lord only knows how long ago I linked this little blog of mine using Networked Blogs.
That way, the Magic Post Sharing Fairies could spread my words like fertilizer around the web to all of my little green fields.
You know, those pretty pastures that we all hang out in, places like Twitter and Facebook and Facebook pages.
Well, here’s the thing, my Magic Post Sharing button has been broken since May 16th and I’m kind of feeling like I’m stuck in a pile of the poop that makes those fields so lush and inviting.
Every freaking time I make a comment on someone’s WordPress blog, that cute and nifty little icon says this: “Annah Elizbeth recently posted I’m Sad.”
I’m not sad anymore, Journeyers.
I’m over it.
Been over it for weeks.
And I really don’t want you to think that I’m going to be Forever Sad.
Can you imagine the heartache and the tears?
Well, I don’t want that for you or for me, because there’s nothing that’ll bring down a relationship faster than someone who’s always complaining, or bitching, or gossiping, or well, a Debbie Downer.
At first it kind of felt like a little issue, like the one Julia Roberts had in Pretty Woman when she thought her opera glasses were broken.
And I thought that some Magic Techie guy or gal could make it all go away like Richard Gere had done in the movie.
That they could just reach down from their Magic Techie Place and flip a little lorgnette handle into its rightful position and Voila!, my blogging world would be all shiny and pretty and glorious again.
So I wrote a note to the Magic Techie People who make all this marvelous stuff work, but I haven’t heard back from them.
I’ve logged in to the Networked Blogs site and clicked on all those buttons and test features. Twice.
I thought I had fixed that seemingly slight snafu.
And then today I tried to leave a note for a sister writer I just found, and someone whose brain waves just make me laugh.
She’s in the category of bloggers like this one and this one and this one and this one who help me realize I don’t have to take life or myself quite so seriously all the time.
Those are just a few of my faves, and I’m afraid if I add any more, the Hyperlink Police might just deactivate my blog all together.
At the end of my comment for this new Magical Friend, there’s that little heart in the bubble icon sending out this first impression for the millionth time: WARNING:THIS GIRL’S GOING TO BRING YOU DOWN!
I’m like every other writer who checks her Visitor Counters and refreshes her page several times a day after each new post, hoping that some new friend (or six or sixty or sixty thousand) has magically found her way to my blog and she’s decided to stay a while.
And I don’t want that SAD little (GL)-itch standing between Me and You.
So, you, my brilliant, talented, Magical Friends (old and new and forthcoming) here are a few things I’m wondering if you’ll help me with.
  1.  How can I flipping exterminate this little Blogger/Networked Blogs Bug?
  2. To blog on Blogger or to write on WordPress?
Blogger was my first love, the nest into which this work was born, and the place from which I took flight.
Blogger is user friendly and offers up uncluttered templates that afford me the clean, symmetrical lines that I like in a layout.
But now that I’ve been dedicating more time to my craft and learning more about you and your work, the more I see sites that have so many other features I like.
Like Categories and what appear to be Sub-Categories into which posts seem to magically belong.
And tabs that actually look like tabs.
And Message Subscriptions.
And, I don’t know, they just seem to look so much more professional and inviting and exciting!
But here’s one of the many things I don’t know: Is WordPress like some type of Blogging Miracle Grow, an illusion that makes you look so much savvier and smarter than I could ever dream of being?
Or do all you glorious Magical Writers purchase the glorious services of Magical Design Gurus to do the work for you?
Now, I know we’re all stretched to the max, and I know that sharing our secret weapons is a little scary because then every Magical Friend might want a piece of them and then you might just end up vying for your own mastermind’s attention.
Or you might be afraid that your genius just might end up overwhelmed and overworked by all those requests to work their magic on other people.
Look at those numbers on the right hand side of this page, Journeyers.
You don’t have to worry about that sort of competition from me.
Okay. At least not yet.
But if you’re still worried, could you just send me your little secret something secretly?
And while you’re at it, I’d love it if we could keep making magic together.
If you’d like that, too, then go to any of those pretty pastures I linked above…
Go on… you know you want to be a part of another magical adventure…

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