Field of Dreams

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  Journeyer, do you know that feeling you get when you are able to something that brings another person joy? The warmth that envelops you and the smile that practically makes your jaws ache? On Thursday, Warren and I were a part of something so simple, and yet, something so profound for another young couple. You know that rehabbed house … Read More

Christmastime Magic

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  It’s my favorite time of year, Journeyers. And for the first time ever I got to spend a little bit of it in one of my most favorite places: New York City. I spent one glorious, snowy, and blustery Saturday with four fabulous women and one incredibly delightful fifth grader. There were so many magical moments that fed my … Read More

Dear Hopeful, 5 Steps to Heal Your Hurts

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  Last night I clicked on a link that posed a question like “What’s holding you back from living your dreams?” I don’t often participate in those types of internet polls but this one drew me in because it was from Tony Robbins. After a few brief questions something like “Do you make friends easily or do you stand against … Read More

Feast or Famine

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Anyone who is self-employed or works for a seasonal company—heck, works, period—knows the pressures of The Busy Season. That sentence makes me laugh because it reminds me of a job interview I once had. Dressed in heels and my finest skirt ensemble, I walked into the petroleum office door to find the jeans-and-t-shirt-clad secretary counting an obscene amount of cash. … Read More

Family Momentum II

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Shortly after my daughter’s sixteenth birthday party, my oldest son and I loaded the last few items into his car and headed out on the long journey to college. I must say, a little worry tugged at me. You see, he inherited my stubborn and self-willed genetic traits. What if we don’t get along? How are we going to survive … Read More