Ask Annah: How Can I Possibly Love Another as Much as I did My First?

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Dearest Neighbor, A question of the ages, spoken by nearly every human that ever walked this earth. Though the query has been asked in countless ways, they all boil down to one ultimate question: “How do we quantify love?” “How can I possibly love another as much as I did my first?” Parents ponder this when thinking about or expecting … Read More

All I Want for Christmas Is…

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How would you fill in the blank?All I want for Christmas is_______. “All I need is my son back.”    These words from a man whose son died last week. The day after he came home from surgery to repair a birth defect in his heart. The day after he turned twenty-one-years old. A short time after his brother … Read More

Every Day a New Story Begins, Part I, Sudden Death

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“Every day a new story does begin, doesn’t it?” The shop owner said as he rung up my purchase. “Sometimes it doesn’t even take a day,” I replied. “Every second a new story begins.” I learned this lesson twenty-two years ago. In the labor and delivery room. When I saw the fleeting look of panic in the nurse’s eyes. When … Read More

On Spiritual Paradox

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Two days ago I watched an interview with Marcy Borders on The View. Marcy is a survivor of 9/11 and the woman whom was captured in the now-iconic photo, “Dust Lady,” on the day of the heinous attacks on our country. As a means of coping with the shock of the event, Marcy succumbed to alcohol and drugs, which led … Read More