Homemade Happiness

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!!

There are three times in the last seven years that I have missed a Happy Happens column. Seven years, Journeyer!

The motto has always been “Just like the proverbial shit happens, happy happens.™”

This column has been an exercise in making me notice, appreciate, and honor those fleeting moments that collectively are my happiness, even in the face of adversity.

One of the most important things I’ve learned over these past seven years is this:

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]The most powerful and lasting joy comes from Homemade Happiness, a happy that you create within the home of your heart.[/Tweet]

I didn’t write last week but that doesn’t mean my happy didn’t exist.

Last Sunday I was “recovering” from a surprise retirement party that I organized for my father. It’s his third retirement and I felt it called for bringing people together to honor this man and his long, beautiful career of contributing to the business world.

Last Sunday morning fourteen family members gathered at my sister’s house for and Easter breakfast, before all of the out-of-towners made their long treks home.

Beauty and her beau headed out on their own, while Warren, Big Guy, Fave and I started out in a three-car convoy.

Not even ten miles into the drive, one of the vehicles (my boy’s monster truck…no lie) began having shifting troubles and we had to turn back.

In the end, Big Guy and I made our solo trip back north, while Warren and Fave came the next day after getting the truck fixed.

Today I am writing to you from a hotel room in Kingston, NY, and am filled to overflowing by the positive energetic energy flow.

Today I finished Day 2 of the Master Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy® class with the one and only, Stevan Thayer, the man who channeled IET® from Angel Ariel and the creator of the Center of Being.

I learned an amazing amount of knowledge from my first MI instructor, but as a reviewer of the course, I am gaining even more from this healing modality…and from this work’s creator, himself, one of the most humble people I’ve met.

Something I wrote earlier about my son’s car having shifting troubles and us having to turn back reminds me of Life, Journeyer.

Loss events cause turmoil in our days and nights, causing us to shift and re-shift directions. Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in low gear and sometimes we feel like our world is spinning out of control in high gear.

Integrated Energy Therapy® is like the mechanic who tuned my son’s engine, a means of getting us back on our paths with a little more ease, grace, and peace.

Choosing healing and joy is how we make our own homemade happiness, Journeyer.

One of the other things that makes me happy is sharing the gifts I receive, so in honor of the privilege I had of training with the man who created IET®, I am offering a giveaway for one free 30-minute IET session! All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know why this session would help you!

Be sure to comment today because the drawing is tonight, April 24!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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