Here’s What Happens Amidst the Storm of a Century

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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer!

Okay, so first let me admit that I took a little literary license in the title; Storm Stella was certainly a force to be reckoned with, yet for must of us she was far from the storm of a century.

Some magical things happened as the storm raged on outside of my home, Journeyer, the most significant of which were the many connections I made with other grief neighbors and healing allies from across the country.

I had the great pleasure of taking conversations from Instagram comments to real-life, full-blown email discussions and a few phone sessions where I could actually here the love and compassion and courage in my connector’s voice.

How beautiful is that, that with today’s technology we can meet in casual Cyberspace and move into a more intimate and collaborative phase?

It’s as magical as the glistening diamond-like flakes that shimmered off the snow-covered landscape outside every window of my warm home.

May I mention how grateful I was that we didn’t lose power during the two-and-a-half days my other job was closed? That way I could work and connect with others who are helping heal worlds of hurt without missing a beat.

How grateful I am for our farm equipment that made digging out so much easier for everyone in our rural neighborhood? How grateful I am for my husband who used said machinery to dig out our neighbors.

How grateful I am for the individuals who replied when I reached out.

Those are the moments that seemed to stand out as last week’s Happy fuel, Journeyer, inspiration that appeared amidst an otherwise dreary and stormy day.

What happens amidst the storm of the century?

Significant loss events create their own virtual storm in our lives. Child loss and cancer and divorce and disease are but a few of the major life losses we encounter. I worked with someone last week who is struggling after the death of her beloved pet, a dog she had nurtured through years of a treatable disease. Her storm waged on because she didn’t feel supported in her grief.

Yet, when allowed to share, she was able to discuss the many beautiful moments of the bond they shared.

Amidst last week’s winter weather storm I also completed some Five Facets projects I’ve been wanting to tackle.

I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that have been appearing on my path, Journeyer, including my newest featured article up on Thrive Global. In honor of my Big Guy’s twentieth birthday, I shared the best parenting advice I ever received.

Though it’s a little later than I wanted, I finally put together March’s newsletter! If you haven’t subscribed yet, enter your info at the bottom of the page to receive our monthly Neighborhood news with updates, specials, and events!

The night before the storm we had dinner with Beauty and her beau and two days following the storm we entertained a group of people who came to help us celebrate Big Guy’s big day.

That’s what we need to remember, Journeyer, that even amidst the storm of the century, there are glistening magical moments that sparkle across the landscape that is our life.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Even amidst the storm of the century, there are magical moments that sparkle across the landscape that is our life.[/Tweet]

What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) shined brightly and cast glitter across your week? Share something in a comment below?

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,


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