This or Something Better: Gifts from Our Magical Universe

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“Magic waits at the beginning of belief.” ~ Robert Therrien Badger

Happy Monday, Journeyer!

Today I write to you from the passenger seat of my trusty SUV.

Warren and I are headed out for a rare get-away; a trip to Atlantic City, NJ!

Though we’ll toss a twenty into the slot machines at some point over the next few days, we’ll spend the lion-share of our time walking the beach, eating good food at local restaurants, and just enjoying each other’s quiet company.

Hubby left for a business trip on Friday and Most Fave Son (aka Big Guy) went on a weekend trip with his girlfriend’s family, which left me HOME ALONE!!

I spent a glorious Saturday knocking items off my long to-do wish list!

Doesn’t that always make you feel gloriously fabulous? I know that’s how I feel after accomplishing something I’ve been wanting to do.

I had high hopes for yesterday, too, but I chose to sleep a little later, took care of some laundry and dishes, did a thirty minute meditation in an infrared sauna, and then took Me and Pooch Patches for a walk at a local park.

The unexpected spring temperatures and glorious sunshine were such a fresh reprieve, Journeyer!

It’s the middle of February in upstate New York and it was sixty-three degrees!

Even more magical, though, were the messages in my in-box when I sat down in the late afternoon to continue tackling that wish list of mine.

Waiting for me were two messages from two different neighbors who had stumbled across my work and inquired about working with me.

Since I work with people all over the world, this might not seem out of the ordinary.

What made it extraordinary is that I’ve added something to my daily routine: I thank the universe for placing onto my path the people who can use the services I offer for their highest and best good.

Each of these out-of-town inquirers were asking about local events I have coming up.

There is an expression in the world of written and thought manifestation that asks the universe to place onto our desired paths “this or something better.”

There are so many opportunities that we cannot be aware of in the vast universe, Journeyer.

The universe not only placed onto my path the people who can use the services I offer for their own highest healing and highest good, it delivered some I hadn’t even considered. as potential connections.

Even better is that each of them are looking to take their training and in turn use it to help their associates achieve their highest healing and highest good.

Love spreads.

Healing ripples and wafts outward on wings and breezes and the breaths of our allies in healing.

Healing feeds my happy, Journeyer!

This reminder was an important one for me this week, Journeyer. You see, I struggled all week with “having” to go to my “outside job”–the one that provides health insurance and other life perks–and juggling that with my “inside job”–the one that feeds my spirit and allows me to fulfill my soul mission.Other fleeting moments that kept me buoyed this past week?

I worked hard to hold onto those fleeting moments that brought me peace of mind, made me smile or laugh experience gratitude.

I thoroughly enjoy reading posts from my fellow Instagram connections for the images cover everything from motivation, inspiration, grief support, hope, and humor.

I am honored to share that my first post is up on Thrive Global! Want to know the truth about time and healing? Learn how to Heal It Your Way! While you’re there, be sure to check out the many other offerings they have to help you live and work well!

Better than being published in this magnificent magazine??

I am even happier to announce that I’ll soon be bringing you even more examples of how you can honor your happy!

I have some exciting guest authors lined up!! If you or someone you know would like to help inspire others with a story of how honoring your happy helped you in some way, please contact me!

We’d love to feature you in this Happy Happens column!!

You know what I say, Journeyer, “Together we can heal worlds of hurt.” LET’S DO THIS! CONTACT US TO SHARE HOW YOU HONOR YOUR HAPPY!

We’re almost to our destination, so I’ll wrap up with this last bit of joyful, noisy news: I can now help you unlock your true potential and uncover some of those life elements that are standing between you and YOUR BEST LIFE—THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!

Your Soul’s Syllabus is our newest service!

Want to know about your soul’s blueprint and your genetic makeup, the things that make you tick, drive your struggles and your successes?


You’re invited to share one of your moments that fed your happy this week, Journeyer! It’s like a little love note to the rest of us! Use the comment below and/or send us your idea for a guest post!!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness.


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