A Passenger’s Slice of Life

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“When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.” —Shauna Niequest

Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

As I reflected on this week’s events, all I could think of was that each moment that fed my happy was like a little slice of Life Pie.

And then tonight Warren, Big Guy, his gal friend, and I went to see the movie Passengers.

I must say it was a little awkward sitting next to my youngest when the love scenes broke out between the main characters, played by two amazing actors Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

As the credit rolled, not a person in the audience moved, as if they were absorbing everything that had just transpired before their eyes.

I think at one point one of them made reference to a slice of something, but what stood out in my mind at the end is how we are all passengers on this human, Life journey.

Being a passenger doesn’t mean being idle, though, as the characters in this film showed us; in order to survive we must be aware of our surroundings and willing to act when the need calls.

This ties in beautifully to this weekly column, Journeyer, for being aware of those fleeting moments that feed our happy and then choosing to pay homage to them in some form–a prayer of gratitude or a weekly post or [insert your actions]–is how we become the heroes and heroines on our ship called Life.

Sometimes those Life slices are steamy sex, sometimes they are a delicious Gold Member Breakfast, sometimes a dip in the pool, or an escape from reality on the sandy beaches of some shore or [insert your joy].

In addition to this beautiful sci-fi love story (you know how much I love a feel-good movie or love story), what else fed my happy this week?

A four-day work week.

My youngest students’ joy as they told me all about their Christmas holidays.

The smiles of pride as two siblings shared how their family had posted my thank you note on their refrigerator.

Ticking off some new tasks and transcending some learning curves for work I was doing on this website.

The twinkling lights of my Christmas tree.

Facilitating an informative class about benefits of IET® and then witnessing healing within those individuals that stayed for the experience session afterward.

Clearing some of the tension that has filled the space between me and a long-time friend.

Movie nights with Warren and Big Guy.

Rousing games of Trivial Pursuit and the first WIN I’ve ever had in a trivia contest against anyone, especially my family who has the memories of an elephant!

Warm hugs from our guests and Fave before they headed back off to their homes.

Phone conversations with my far-away family.

As much as I enjoyed my holiday break, I was grateful for the return to a routine that comes with going back to that day job.

Meeting new faces, hearing new voices, and helping some more of our neighbors with some healing.

And connections, Journeyer. This week I took the time to read more and below I’m sharing the links to some articles and images that made me smile, snicker out loud, warmed my heart or made me happy because I can sense the peace they will bring to so many others.

May something below feed your soul or your happy, too.

Loss is the hardest thing. But it is also the teacher that is difficult to ignore from our frineds at Grief Reiki, LLC.

Art-spiration that illicits love, peace, harmony, unity, joy, understanding, and, oh, so much  more…https://princesssassypantsandco.com/

Now is the new later from our friends at “Riley’s house.”

Meeting Grief with Mindfulness: How Embracing Pain Opens the Door to Joy from our friends at Tiny Buddha.

A Good Hurt: Choosing to Remember Those We Miss from our friend Elaine Mansfield.

The proof is in the happy, Journeyer! Check out this article from our friends at Time.

Let’s close with this quote from Mandy Hale:

Happiness is... Mandy Hale Quote

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.”

This is ultimately one of the underlying themes in the movie Passengers.




[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Sometimes the slices of our life are bitter, sometimes sweet, and sometimes we taste the blend of the two.[/Tweet]

What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) fed your happy this week? You’re invited to spread joy by sharing a slice of your joy in a comment below.

Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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