The Seven Pillars of a Week

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Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer,

Wow…have you ever thought about how much can occur in the blink of an eye that is one week?

This past week is definitely a blur.

Monday and Tuesday…work and more work drama.

Wednesday morning I woke with a chest cold. Despite a nagging cough I made it through the day, only to spend Thursday and Friday at home sick because of sleepless nights.

Mucinex. Hot tea. DayQuil. Several warm showers. Naps. Eucalyptus/Rosemary breathing treatments and an old fashioned Whiskey/Honey/Lemon juice concoction!

I was determined to do everything I could to keep that bug under control as this weekend was THE WEEKEND! Remember how I told you I’d signed up for a Dan Millman seminar?

I tossed everything but the whiskey into my suitcase, added a bag of cough drops and hit the road, thankful that the trip was under four hours versus the five-and-half I’d initially calculated.

Journeyer, I can’t say enough about the Kripalu center and can simply say if you have any interest in Yoga, Ayuverda, holistic practices, energy work, or working with some of the nation’s top mentors in the fields of health and healing, this is the place to go.

Despite fatigue and feeling so under the weather, I couldn’t help but grow in the presence of so many like-minded people and in the energy that fills the air of this campus.

I brought back so much more awareness, so many tools and thoughts from Dan’s talks and his teachings of The Peaceful Warrior’s Way. I even had the privilege and honor of talking with him one-on-one for a few minutes.

The Kripalu Center offers numerous healing arts services and I was so lucky to score a last minute energy balancing session.

Working on my center and top chakras definitely helped bring peace to my body.

I promise to fill you in with more detail later, but for now, I must head to bed as this cold lingers on…

What I learned this weekend are The Seven Pillars of the Peaceful Warrior.

In keeping with that, here are the seven pillars of a peaceful week.

1. Balance. I was able to balance drama against divinity.

2. Choices. I made the decision to use two of my sick days, to nurture myself as best as I could when I was feeling down.

3. Process. Learning to juggle limes alongside forty-two classmates and enjoying all the laughter that came with the experience.

Learning to Juggle Limes w Dan Millman

4. Presence. I remembered to still my mind and to be in the here and now.

5. Action. I made the effort to honor all of the items above.

6. Surrender. I accepted that I was sick and feeling unwell but that I could still learn and laugh and live in the midst of that. In other words, I didn’t let it ruin a beautiful weekend filled with beautiful, like-minded souls.

7. Unity. The intention I set for my energy balancing session was to learn more about the concept of how we are all one. The experience lifted me to new heights.

What about you, Journeyer? What moment(s) made you smile, warmed your soul, or brought peace to your mind or heart? Pause to recognize your bit of peace and happiness and share something in a comment below! I love reading about your events!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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2 Comments on “The Seven Pillars of a Week”

  1. LOL Annah…my weekend was the same but different. I also went to a retreat – for writers. I got sick after I got there…and may have unintentionally infected a few. Your yoga retreat sounds like so much fun. We’ve been ill on and off through March so I haven’t had much chance – must get back to it.

    1. Hope you all are on the mend, Liv! A writer’s retreat sounds lovely! Hope you have a chance to get back to yoga soon, though that’s one thing we don’t have in common, at least to this point. The one time I did yoga I hurt worse than any physical exercise or workout I’d ever done before. I actually thought I was coming down with the flu, until I remembered, that is! I was happy that this institute I visited offered other modalities like meditation because I’m not sure I would have survived even a basic yoga class given how I was feeling! lol

      Here’s to a restful and well coming week! 🙂

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