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Dear Journeyer,

It’s Sunday.

Some of us sleep in on Sunday, some go to Church, and some of us clean house (literally and figuratively), and for those of us with children in sports, this day often lends itself to sitting on our tuckus on the sidelines, somewhere…

Sunday represents all of those things for me, yet it varies from week to week.

The one constant, however, is this weekly #HappyHappens column.


It’s a day for me to reflect on some of the many moments that fed my happy organ, simple events that brought a smile to my face, warmth to my heart, and peace to my soul.

It’s a way of saying that FIFA and ISIS and Hatred and Violence and Volcano Eruptions and Death and Workplace Bullshit do not have to define me.

It doesn’t have to define us.

Life’s little and BIG grievances are events that shouldn’t collectively take up more space in our lives than those joyful occurrences.

But they do.

Because we allow them to.

Guilty as charged.

I also think, however, that it’s no coincidence I chose Sunday, the Spiritual Day, to write these posts.

Some writers label their spiritual reflections as gratitude, but no matter the name we place upon this practice it leads to one place: spiritual comfort at our core.

This week has been one of those chaotic weeks, Journeyer.

Sorrow lodged itself in my throat and on my skin’s surface, even though I know my family made the compassionate and unselfish decision to have our dog put to sleep…

Business (business, too) has been at the forefront of each day as I’ve tried to juggle the daily work and household grinds with graduation invitations and preparations while simultaneously making new connections and moving The Five Facets Philosophy forward…

And when I haven’t been committed to my grief, my family, my job, or my life’s work, I’ve been seeking out the wisdom of others who can help me understand and make sense of some other-worldly encounters that are happening with increased regularity.

In essence, I’ve been experiencing what one new friend called a spiritual awakening.

There are so many things I am unfamiliar with, so many things I have yet to learn, so much growth to come from my increased awareness and yet more from the journey I am embarking on…

Suddenly, and in ways I can’t begin to understand, my entire life makes sense.

That brings me comfort and peace of mind, Journeyer.

As do the repeating numbers, or Angel Numbers as people like Doreen Virtue refer to them, which are now a daily part of my life (also showing up with rapid-fire frequency.)

555 is Angels' message on change, suggests we let go of what is no longer positively serving us

555 is Angels’ message on change, suggests we let go of what is no longer positively serving us

One of the most prevalent combinations I’ve been seeing these past few months is the number 222, which I interpret from the different discussion sites to mean: everything is going to be okay.

222 Angels Message to Annah Elizabeth that Everything is Going to Be Okay

222 loosely translated means: Everything is going to be okay…

This post has taken many twists and turns today and I finally decided that I need to write a separate post about that awakening, so please come back Thursday or Friday to learn how everything is going to be okay.

Since my day job requires me to spend a great deal of time behind the wheel, I often post simple reminders on my dash, a conscious effort to keep me grounded and focused on the positive.

My most recent piece of inspiration is this one which gently reinforces that I can and am going to be okay in the face of whatever Little or Big Life Grievance that comes my way.

222~ Loosely translated is that angels' message that everything is going to be okay

That knowledge feeds my happy.

Spending time with my family also brings me joy and I was so glad to share a powerful hypnosis session with Beauty.

During a Healing with your angels event, I not only made it to the puffy, cloud-formed structure, I was greeted by two beings, an elder whose face I couldn’t see, but whose voice I could trust: “Everything’s going to be okay,” It, said.

I use It because I’m not sure what gender, if any, the entity represented.

The second spirit was a young boy who identified himself as Adam and one of my children whose life ended before two months gestation. He showed me the painting I had done to commemorate Gavin’s twenty-fifth birthday, pointed to a star on the canvas and said, “I am here.”

Beauty and the Being or Angel with her showed up in the same structure the me and my folk were in. My daughter thought she’d just fallen asleep during the hypnosis, but when I told her afterward that I’d sent the angels to work on her knees because they’d been hurting her, my daughter told me that the pain in those two joints had actually subsided for a few minutes.

444 Annah Elizabeth's Reminder that Angels are Among Us

444 – angels are among us

I found comfort in the validation that what I’d experienced surpassed cognitive comprehension.

And then there is this, Journeyer.

The day before this Angel event I noticed the magnetic poetry that one of Big Guy’s friends created when they were over on Tuesday.

This appeared on my fridge the morning following the event…

Message from My Angels

Big Guy didn’t do it. Beauty didn’t do it. Nor did Warren or I…

Angel love, Journeyer…

It exists…

I believe…

Do you?

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

On Saying Goodbye

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