This Week’s Merriment is Magnetic

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“Think without boundaries.” Dove Promises®
Happy Sunday-Monday, Journeyer!
I’m not really sure where this week went, but it is behind us.
Maybe, if you’ve had a rough week, you’re happy to tell it sayonara!
Maybe, if the past seven days have brought you luxurious comfort or good news galore, you wish it would linger a little longer…
Regardless, though, the clock keeps ticking, offering us new rewards and challenges alike…
Without looking at my calendar, here’s what I know about the days that have filled the space since last week’s Happy Happens post: Warren and I attended this month’s comedy club event. Not only did I manage to stay awake, the last two comediennes were hilarious!
I’ve accomplished a number of tasks on my to-do lists.
Remember that dilemma I was having at work a few months back? Our head supervisor called me into his office on Friday and told me he’d heard I have some valuable ideas and he’d like to sit down with me to discuss my thoughts.
Guess I made a far bigger impact than I’d imagined…It sure feels good to not only be taken seriously, but to have someone who has boldly dismissed you suggest you might be an asset after all…
Warren and I have been talking about renovating our laundry room. As is often the case, the good is going to follow the not-so-good.
We arrived home a few days ago to discover our chest freezer has gone kaput…the timing sort of stinks, given the fact that we had to purchase a new refrigerator in December.
Fortunately it is freezing outside, which means we were able to put all of the food onto our back deck where it will be protected and remain frozen.
Hubby and I had a rather rocky day when we began talking about what needed to be done to the room. Why do renovation projects take such a toll on relationships?
Problem solved, however, because we came to a relatively quick compromise on how we’ll proceed. The rest is yet to come.
I find it a bit interesting that my happiest moments of the week came yesterday, after Lowes called to say the fridge we’d ordered had finally come in and then asked if they could deliver it today (now yesterday…)
No more ice cubes spilling over onto everything or ice clumps of melted and refrozen water; no more spoiled milk because the thermostat is bad and the temperature won’t stay consistent…
Needles to say, I dropped what I was doing and headed straight to the kitchen to toss all the stuff that hasn’t been used in a year, you know, all that food that gets lost in the back of the ice box…the jars of dip and dried out Bruschetta .
The other chore involved the outside of the door. I’ve often said that if all the pieces of paper grew legs the appliance would walk out of the house.
My refrigerator has been a veritable source of inspiration, history, and family…
We’ve collected magnets for every place we’ve gone, and though I didn’t capture the collection in image, suffice it to say I have a bag full of State & Country memorabilia!
Each piece I dismantled brought me peace, reflection, and joy…
From this Dove chocolate wrapper (like I said…)
“You’re invited to relax today.”
…to magnetic poetry that shows up now and again…
Casa de Annah Elizabeth
…to photos of the kids when they were in elementary school!… (no pic of these pics…go figure!)
…to one of my absolute favorites: this elementary school Father’s Day coupon from Big Guy: “One night of piece and quiet.”

There are two other pieces I find rather poignant.
This “Being a good community citizen” note was cut from one of my children’s school newsletters and has been hanging there for more than a decade. Given my children’s community-minded nature and their generosity toward neighbors, friends, and strangers alike, I’d say some of this rubbed off on them… That does this Mama’s heart proud.

This Dove Promises inspirational message, “Think without boundaries,” is one of the key elements of The Five Facets Philosophy on healing. Healing doesn’t mean we deny the existence of what has gone missing from our lives, it simply means that we move forward thinking about it differently than we’d ever imagined.
The magnet holding it? Serendipity all the way…
I still have a relationship with Gavin, it’s just exists with his spirit energy, and though my marriage was drastically altered when Infidelity touched it, Warren and I forged something new and different, something equally valuable.
This Dannon Light & Fit® prompt is something I don’t do nearly often enough and I’m guessing you might be feeling the same way, Journeyer. Do you make sure to find the “me” in “time?”

The latter sentiment ties in beautifully to this recent post, Healing and the Two Sides of Time.
Lastly, there’s this bit of joy…the new fridge fully assembled and stocked…

Life’s little pleasures…
What about you, Journeyer? What Moment(s) made you feel merry, comforted, or took you down the happier side of Memory Lane? Share something here and spread a little merriment!

Until we meet again,

Yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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