Anticipation, Perfectly Paused

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!
As I round out this day, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I slept in, had a little fun playing phone games, completed a few tax tasks, transported Big Guy to a soccer event an hour from home, made a few scrumptious meals, completed this post, and worked a little on my upcoming speech.
I am overjoyed to have been asked to join such a talented group of people on the stage! If you’re anywhere near the Fingerlakes region, consider making a day trip for some winter inspiration. You deserve it!
Here are a few flashes of random joy from my week!
Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr, for giving our great nation a day to pause and reflect on your wonderful work on humanitarianism and peace.
I filled my early morning cup with your words of inspiration and then I tackled a long checklist of things I needed to do to expand and promote The Five Facets Philosophy, my own contribution to helping heal a world of hurt.
I baked banana bread and chocolate chip bars, and assembled little gift packages, which I distributed to Beauty and Fave, their significant others, and an elderly, widowed neighbor.
I included a few fun things I’d picked up at a local dollar store, one of which was a box of fortune cookies that I divided up.
Of course I had to include Warren, and Big Guy, and myself.
Look at what my fortune had to tell me!
“Soon you will receive pleasant news”
I just realized that the question and title will likely make you think of the movie with Kevin Costner… Let’s just say that that one week in my life felt equally inspiring.
I’m hoping my pleasant news includes word from Hay House that I’ve won the grand prize in the book proposal contest that was offered at that workshop!
Reid Tracey and his crew are announcing the top three winners THIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28!!
The anticipation is killing me, Journeyer, but in a good way, one that reminds me of those classic Heinz Ketchup commercials.
Will you continue to send out super positive vibes for my next book, the one I proposed to them? It’s titled The Little Book of Healing: Live Your Best Life, Even in the Face of Adversity.
I’m super excited to be moving forward with this groundbreaking work on healing, one I believe is going to help heal a world of hurt. Though I believe it’s going to change many lives, if it helps but one person triumph over some tragedy in her life, then it is a success.
Watch the Hay House Writer’s Workshop Facebook page, Journeyer; for no matter who wins this contest, you’re going to be introduced to one powerful and inspiring writer, one who is sure to change the world in positive ways.
Anything positive always tops my list of #HappyHappens moments!
Here are a few other moments that brought a smile to my face this past week…
Big Guy received acceptance notices to both colleges he wants to attend, and into their selective, accelerated DPT (doctorate of physical therapy) programs.

I’m happy for him and for Warren and me, ‘cause when our tired, old bones and muscles need a little attention, we’ll have a doctor who hopefully won’t put us on a long waiting list. 😉
I found these photos of this wooden ornament I recently purchased for my collection.

In addition to happy moments I’m creating with my eldest son, Gavin, the ornament also brings back fond reflections of a fabulous day spent with Beauty, Fave’s girlfriend Squirrel and some of her most favorite friends.
Looks like some ascended masters are trying to connect again. Notice the 333?

I purchased the most comfy bathrobes for Warren and me to use to go to the hot tub. The spa is the place where we spend most of our relaxation and down time, so the gift was even more perfect since the robes Warren had purchased us years ago were plum worn out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the package arrived with a hand signature from the company! That little detail brought a smile to my face.
Sadly, I chose to allow one negative review about sizing persuade me to go with a bigger size for mine, which ended up dwarfing me, so I had to wait for an exchange.
I have to tell you that the entire process has been full of nothing but pleasant experiences. The product quality is exceptional and the customer service is unparalleled.
Next time you’re in the need of bed linens or luxury bath products, check out e-luxury. You’ll be glad you did.
A side note that this glowing testimonial is purely my own and not given in lieu of anything other than my own joy in sharing my enthusiasm with you.
Who wouldn’t be delighted by seeing this handwritten note on the outside of a delivery box!

A couple of free nights gave me the opportunity to enjoy a few hours of just sitting in my pajamas on the couch. One night, our kitty hopped up onto my lap for a little cuddle time. Normally she prefers Warren’s lap and his big recliner.

While wandering around the internet, I stumbled across Gretchen Rubin’s new quiz on habits and tendencies. Why am I not surprised that my replies resulted in a “Questioner” quality.

And why I am not surprised this booklover couldn’t resist the temptation to pre-order Gretchen’s forthcoming book Better than Before?
Warren and I had a couple’s date night with some friends. Rather than dine out, their eleven-year-old budding chef asked if she could prepare a meal for us.
If it weren’t for child labor laws, I might be tempted to hire her at our house!
She made everything from scratch: rice balls filled with mozzarella, chicken rolls filled with fresh asparagus and a basil cream mixture, and this mouthwatering peach pastry topped with a fresh raspberry reduction sauce and homemade whipped cream…

This little one has some exciting culinary prospects in the works and I’m excited to see what unfolds for her!
The message on the back of her shirt was a pure bonus for me!

The last little moment I’d like to share with you is this perfectly formed paw print.

I was returning from a walk with my boy Thunder when I spotted it in the slushy snow in our drive. I was mid-step when I noticed how intact and fresh the form was.
Time seemed to stop mid-stride. Kairos…that instant where time pauses to allow space for something to happen…in this case, Happy happened as I drank in one of nature’s simple pleasures and gained a glimpse into her beautiful abundance…
Sometimes we spend so much time anticipating and waiting for Happy to arrive, we forget to pause long enough to notice its many nuances…
What about you, Journeyer? Have you ever experienced a Kairos sort of joy? Share your experience here and spread a little inspiration.
Until next time,
One last thing… Have you joined our neighborhood yet? Joining our neighborhood broadens our reach, Journeyer! Together we can heal a world of hurt! Joining us couldn’t be any easier! Just click here and a few keystrokes later your home is there, right next door to our growing group of gorgeously spirited friends! When you sign up, I’ll also send you a digital poster that includes ten of my top power mantras, quotes from some of our favorite inspirational guides and two that lead The Five Facets work… 

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