Hay + House = Happiness

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Well, Journeyer, it’s going to be a light post this week…
But joy still reigns!
I’ve been busy working on the final touches for my book proposal that I’m submitting to the Hay House contest!
It was on that trip that I found the quote most moving, which I attached to the photo I took on my long drive to the airport.
My soul has been writing this book about my dream of becoming a published author for more than three decades now…
Not that I’m unhappy with the self-publishing experience, that has been good, too, and people are continuing to purchase copies, but I would be even more delighted to be picked up by a publishing house, so I don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel…
To be picked up by a group like Hay House, people who specialize in the type of books I want to write, well, now, that would make me downright giddy!
Even if I don’t win, though, I’m still filled with joy because I’m living with passion and practicing the art I love!
That said, won’t you join me in an abundance of positive thinking? Please send this out into the universe:
Pssst, Hay House, you’re going to love Annah Elizabeth’s Little Book of Healing
Without further adieu, here are two of the moments that brought me joy this week!
I took myself and my old guy, Thunder, for several walks.
He doesn’t move along nearly as quickly as he used to, and this thick bedding of hay…

 …okay, it’s straw, but you know, artistic liberties to make it fit… ;)…
That thick bed of “hay” helps his tired and arthritic thirteen-year-old joints.
And then, half of my house is decorated for the holidays.
Warren helped me decorate the door this year, and I must it looks so inviting and fun lit up by the spotlight I put out this year!

My reading room and part of our living room still look like they threw up Christmas decorations, but that’s okay, there’s a Nor’easter coming and they’re predicting a day off!
Which gives me extra time to work on that book proposal and possibly take care of a few stray items.
What about you, Journeyer? What moments brought a smile to your face or a bit of comfort to your soul this past week? We’d all love to read about a happy time or two! Won’t you share?
Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,


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