It’s All About That Base

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Every winter for the past several years, Warren and I spend Monday and Tuesday evenings watching The Voice.
There are many talented singers in this year’s competition, but of all the many songs that have moved me and brought me goose bumps, the one I can’t get out of my head is Anita Antoinette’s rendition of
It’s all about that base.
Blonde to the core, Warren had to explain that the base was, indeed, the hips; “so what does treble have to do with hips?”
Smile with me, Journeyer!
I’ve had many chuckles this week, because I definitely have that wide base the song celebrates.
I’ve finished shorting and began packaging the Best Teacher’s Gifts giveaway packages!
While I was packing them, I began to dream about ways to continue the good deeds energy that Chicken of the Sea began…
With each item I handpicked for the nominated teachers, ideas came to me…
In last week’s post I asked for shipping sponsors, and you showed up!
We have only two packages left that need a delivery partner and I am just humbled and honored to  and in awe of the spirit of generosity.
I also made the first presentation this week! The administrators asked me to join them for a monthly assembly, at which I presented the educator with her gift.

“It was just an ordinary Thursday,” she said to me as we walked out of the gymnasium.
Beauty arrived home for the Thanksgiving holiday and just like old times she tossed a few things on the kitchen table.
One of the items was a baggie of peanut butter cookies, or at least a few remaining pieces from the dozen I’d sent for her and her roommate.

I snatched one from the bag, popped it into my mouth and immediately began gagging.
It tasted a bit like the time Mom washed my mouth out with soap!
Beauty and I laughed and laughed as I spat and spat the chewed up treat into the trash.
“I thought they tasted weird,” my daughter said, “no wonder my roomie only ate one.”
Though a part of me is horrified, there’s another side that keeps reminding me that what we have is one of those family stories that will live on for years to come.
Happy memories…and a new lesson to make sure that my cookie sheets are rinsed thoroughly before putting away.
The work saga is slowly making its way to some form of resolution.
We had a family night out for dinner to support a school fundraiser.
Beauty and I made a quick road trip to meet Fave’s girlfriend who happened to be in New York for a few days.
She brought along her best friend and her family, which included two adorable children!
We met for lunch and then walked a nearby mall so an active three-year-old could stretch her legs a bit.
We found the most incredible artist who creates these solid wood ornaments, a few of which found their way into my possession.

One of the holiday booths sold infant and toddler t-shirts of various themes.

Look at the resemblance between the six-month old son and this sale item!

Little Cadence had a blast coloring Christmas pages and I have to say I’ve never seen one her age color within the lines like she did!

Who can resist the thrill of sending off Santa’s letter; it’s magic!

Beauty and I stopped for a little treat on the way home.

I checked off a bunch of paperwork items yesterday and even spent more time working on that book proposal for the Hay House contest.
Today I prepared a double batch of this delicious chicken and rice casserole dish, which I split between us, my widowed neighbor, and a couple of friends who own a Christmas shop and are no doubt swamped these days. More than anything, it was a little surprise that I hope will come in handy one day this week.

Oh, and three final, delightful and thrilling details: I’m confirmed to speak on the Grief Diaries radio show on December 9th; I’ve been asked to speak at an event in February, and I signed up to exhibit at the first National Grief Convention in April.
Hopefully my spreading work base will appeal to the staff at Hay House!
Regardless, little by little I am growing and learning and continuing to live my best life, even in the face of those proverbial lemons that sometimes seem to stand in our way of what makes us truly happy.
What about you, Journeyer, what Moment(s) formed a base for your happiness this week? We’d love to have you share them here!
Until next time, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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