It’s a Happy, Golden Day

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One of my favorite toddler videos was one where they sang this sing-along:
It’s a happy, golden day;
come along let’s sing and play;
Singing makes us feel just great,
Sing a song that’s happy and bright…

It was a rare occasion that my children were cranky, ornery, or downright obstinate (though Big Guy has always flirted with those latter boundaries!), but every once in a while some form of bickering or irritability would rear its head.
When things seemed tense or strained, I’d break out into that song, which always managed to cause one of two things: laughter or eye rolling, though usually the former.
Humor is one of our greatest allies, especially when we are overworked, over-stimulated, and feeling under-appreciated.
These past months have seemed to fit that bill on more than one occasion, so I was rather appreciative that this past weekend didn’t require all of us being in different places at the same time.
As a matter of fact, Warren and Big Guy and I were all able to make the two-hour trek to see Beauty’s soccer team play one of their final games.
We set Sunday aside as a day for fishing and family camaraderie.
Warren made hotel reservations for Saturday evening, which was an even greater delight for me because I am usually the one to make all travel arrangements.
Though I love the outdoors, I have never been one to share the same enthusiasm that the rest of my family has for hunting and fishing.
That said, I wanted to be involved, so Warren took me for outfitting of a new pair of hip waders, which, accompanied by a favorite Body by Victoria bra and a few squirts of Allure helped keep me comfy and feeling cozy as we trudged along Trout Brook and Salmon River.


This video reflects thirty seconds of the soothing sounds and the glorious, golden views that stretched out before me all the day long…

I loved watching the excitement on my family’s faces as they landed their catches of the day…
This friendly chicken who followed fisherman down the road turned out to be equally entertaining!


A young Beauty once told me quite emphatically that we did not live on a farm because we didn’t own any chickens or goats.
When I told her there were different types of farms and she was referring to an animal farm, she informed me that SHE was going to have one of them one day.
This cuddly little fella, who belonged to the farmer across the street from the stream’s entrance and must certainly be a pet, rekindled her joyous desire!

This sky captured both mine and Warren’s attention as we left the grocery store one night!

I attended the opening week of a friend’s toy store and found a few old fashioned games that I’m sure the kids will enjoy at our upcoming annual Halloween party!
Missing from the photo are a box of jacks (the REAL metal ones) & Tiddlywinks!
The photo on this Ronald McDonald House collection container reminded me how valuable we are to one another and made me smile as I thought about The Five Facets’ motto: “We are neighbors in grief and allies in healing.”
Healing truly does happen together!
One of my greatest happy experiences this past week came in the form of reviewing all of the entries that came in for The Five Facets’ #BestTeachersGifts pay-it-forward giveaway!
So many of the nominations moved me in different ways, but this is one of two entries that drew me in and reminded me that this cause truly does mean what I’d always hoped it would mean…
I’d like to share with you what this teacher wrote.
When my boys prepared to start school each fall, we’d make our annual trip to a multitude of stores to purchase the needed school supplies. It was a time of great anticipation– a brand new year, shiny supplies in hand, backpacks full, and the obligatory first day picture on the front porch– they were ready. Sent off with love and excitement, my children landed their first day ready for the game, prepared for anything the grade might throw at them. It would be a great year. How I wish that every student in my classroom had such a start. Each year, more and more children arrive in my room without even a pencil. I have supplies to lend, but it is not the same. I simply cannot afford to keep up with the demand. I would be very grateful to be able to give these kids crayons and colored pencils to keep, folders to keep them organized and journals to keep track learning. Supplies kids could put their names on. Supplies of their very own– and at the end of the year, they could take them home– along with the picture I took of them on the very first day of fourth grade. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to hear from you.”
I’m narrowing down the entries, Journeyers! I’m hoping to begin sorting and boxing this week and aim to have these school supplies in the recipients’ hands sometime next week!
That makes me ever so happy!
What about you, Journeyer, what Moment(s) made you laugh or smile or simply created a golden nugget within your day? Would love to have you share one or more here! We never know how something so simple to one can be so profoundly significant for another…
Ready…Set… Share!
Until we meet again, yours in healing, hope, and happiness…

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