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Journeyers, I am honored that so many people are taking an interest in this baby of mine, Digging for the Light.


She’s been in the works for more than twelve years.

Twelve years! And she’s finally here!

Phew! But we need to get her out into more, Friends! We need to spread inspiration for everyone who is trying to recover from some type of loss.

Will a story of triumph over extreme adversity lift you up? This book’s for you.

Do you know someone struggling with loss and looking for something to help her reconcile her grief? She might find some little nugget in this little book filled with enormous hope.

You know what I say, right? “We’re neighbors in grief and allies in healing.

If you’re grieving, all of us are your ally, and if you know someone who needs a helping hand, YOU are that ally, and you can help them by providing resources that they can use when they are ready.

I’m so excited to be offering the first giveaway for this book!

And while you’re waiting for the announcements, will you consider purchasing a copy (or two or…) for others in need?

I’ve intentionally kept the price low to keep it as affordable as possible.

Consider a copy for yourself, a friend, your local women’s shelter or doctor’s office. They’ll appreciate the donation and you never know but you just might be the one person that gets someone over a much needed hurdle.

The powers that be (the BIGGER publishers and editors and agents) need to see that you think this book is important to you, too.

To help spread the word and to get those other numbers climbing, you know the ones, all of those social media sites that the BIG GUYS also want to see, I’m giving away those three (3) autographed copies!!

All you have to do is go to this link to The Five Facets Facebook page and follow the steps!

A few quick clicks and you could be a lucky winner!!!

Good luck, Journeyer!

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  1. Thanks, DA! I am excited about all of the great things going on in my neck of the woods, but I must say I sure do miss reading your Daily Dish! Looking forward to some downtime–and a little more reading–in the coming weeks! lol *hugs!*

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