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Hi, Journeyers!
After years and years of thought and research and processing and contemplation, things are coming together for The Five Facets.
I could have been deterred by the few naysayers, but instead, chose to follow the enthusiasm of those who encouraged me to pursue this passionate work.
I have been fine-tuning the concept, honing in on what the messages are and who they represent.
There are so many exciting things beginning to come together that I must admit it’s a bit daunting at times.
This past weekend, I finished my first written and audio drafts for the upcoming TEDxSFA presentation in February. It’s only ELEVEN weeks away!
I also have a few other people who have expressed interest and I’m in the process of putting together pitches for possible collaboration.
As thrilled as I am, I must admit that I’m also a bit nervous and afraid.
How do I, someone who’s always felt inadequate but also optimistically hopeful, sell myself without appearing desperate or egotistical?
Is my approach confident yet humble?
Am I finding the right balance between promoting my work and my expertise?
Will I be able to become one of those people who are taken seriously given the fact that I gained most of my knowledge on the subject on the streets and in the trenches as opposed to in the classroom?
I recognize that my personality can be intense; am I creating some semblance of harmony between that passion and these projects?
Amongst the clutter on my desk, I keep a few pieces of inspiration, items to remind me to appreciate my dreams and to keep going when I hit those proverbial bumps in the road.

When major disappointments, like when not one of the seven medical professionals I sent letters to responded, this little pin Warren gave me is a reminder to keep sticking my neck out.
It’s during times like that we can do one of two things: We can let rejection cripple us or we can ask questions and find a way to improve and move forward onto the next idea.
Remembering that it’s not personal helps out a great deal.
The Chinese fortune posted at the beginning of this piece rests not too far from my computer…

…as does one of my business cards.

All of these simple little things are inspiration to keep me going and reminders of what is.
The writing reminds me that our dreams are always important and that, if we choose to pursue them, they will lead us to wherever we need and want to be.
The pin reminds me to keep moving forward and to continue being courageous in the face of uncertainty.
And the business card reminds me that we can be professionals, even in the absence of a college degree…
What resources keep you motivated and moving toward your dreams?

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