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On one of my trips to NYC a few years ago, I came across a small group of unique people in Times Square.
I realize that might sound a bit redundant using unique and NYC in the same breath, but these individuals were truly special.
You see, they were holding up signs that read “Free Hugs.”
I let out a little squeal of delight and said to the girlfriends I was with, “Look! Free Hugs! Let’s go.”
One of my friends was equally delighted.
“You’re not going to do that, are you?” one of the naysayers responded, “You have no idea who these people are.”
“That’s the problem with this world,” I said as I took the one willing participant by the hand, “people are too afraid of everything. They’re giving out hugs, for crying out loud.”
The other hugger and I giggled our way between outstretched arms, commenting how delighted we were with this simple act of kindness.
And then last summer The Indie Chicks online magazine did a spotlight piece on Rita Chand – The Woman Who Hugged the World.
Yesterday I had a session with The Right Therapist, in which we were discussing how different members of my family show affection.
“I’m a hugger,” I said. “I hug almost everyone and if I’d met you on the street I might have been inclined to hug you, too, if the timing and mood somehow seemed right.”
It’s true. There’s nothing like a warm embrace to brighten my day or to convey the message that the recipient is thought of in a special way.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sending out the biggest heartfelt hug to all of the world who happens to find me in this vast blogosphere.
How about you? Are you a hugger and/or a kisser? Better yet, do you believe in the power of a heartfelt hug? Share the love and leave a {Hug} in a comment!

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