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My husband and my youngest son are no longer plagued with an awful cold. Generous boys that they are, they gave it to me. Until last night, I hadn’t slept one night through since Sunday; my runny nose kept waking me. I don’t remember waking once last night, though I know my nose was running because I woke with snot crusted all over my face. Gross. As I rolled myself off the edge of my bed, all I could think about was taking a quick, hot shower before I headed out for work. The water would feel so good, even if for only a few minutes… No hot water, again… Ugh!

We heat our home and our water with an outdoor furnace. The stove has malfunctined several times of recent and I’ve endured several cold showers in the past month. That makes me ornery, even on good days.

Right now, I can’t breathe, my eyes are puffy, there is an enormous amount of pressure on my forehead due to a nose that feels corked like a bottle of wine . Geez, now that sounds good, a nice glass of wine. Too bad it’s only 10:20 in the morning.

But there’s always a bright side. My work day is cut in half today due to conferences. That affords me extra time to play on Blogger, and to take a nap, if I so choose. Right now, though, I think I’ll settle for a hot cup of tea. Will it be Constant Comment or Mint Medley… hmmmm

Eating and drinking are oh so difficult when one can’t breathe… Breathe, friends, breathe, and take a breath or two for me! Funny how we take the simple things in life for granted! Have a great day.

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  1. I hope the Constant Comment (or Mint Medley) helped you you get through the day … and that your household is now cold-free!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

  2. I am on the mend, Deb! Constant Comment it was, and it sure did its job in making me feel a bit better that day! I keep a giant jar on my counter that is filled with Bigelow teas; thanks for such a great product!

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