Healing and the Two Sides of Time

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Dear Journeyer, Earlier this week, I asked you to name one of the stumbling blocks that holds you back from healing, from living your best life, even in the face of adversity. One of our neighbors responded with a single word: Time. Oh, Time, what a two-sided hat you wear: Friend. Foe. It’s true, isn’t it? Sometimes the hands on … Read More

Family Momentum

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Yesterday, my beautiful daughter turned sixteen. So many years. So many smiles. Such a delightful part of my life, our lives, she has been. I have watched her grow into a stunning young woman. “You’re a swan,” I recently told her. And she is. Everywhere we go, people that knew her when she was younger stop and stare. “She’s soooo beautiful,” they … Read More

Things I’m Grateful For Tonight

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So I haven’t taken the time to write a post… Or, as my thirteen-year-old son said about a week ago, “I haven’t found the time.” HA! On the heels of the time post, no less! “There is no such thing as ‘finding time.’ Time is. You must take time to do things you need to do.” This I tried to … Read More


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My husband and my youngest son are no longer plagued with an awful cold. Generous boys that they are, they gave it to me. Until last night, I hadn’t slept one night through since Sunday; my runny nose kept waking me. I don’t remember waking once last night, though I know my nose was running because I woke with snot … Read More